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Winter is almost in full swing in Toronto, and that means adjusting to the harsh weather conditions that come along with it. Fortunately, installing weather seals on your doors as part of preventative maintenance ensures that your facility is protected from common seasonal exterior elements like snow and debris.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of installing weather seals on your facility’s doors:

Save on Heating Costs

Whichever furnace or heating system you use to heat the facility will have to work harder to generate heat if cold air is slipping through the edges of your doors. But, when you install weather seals on industrial doors, cold air has no way of making it into the working area. This weather protection helps you save money on monthly utility bills, which is always a plus when running a business.

Save on New High Speed Doors

Just because your doors aren’t tightly secured around their perimeter, doesn’t mean you have to replace them. Depending on the condition of the doors, a replacement may be necessary. But, often times the only maintenance needed involves implementing the right weather seals to give extra insulation for the winter. For that reason, a simple weather seal installation can save you from investing in entirely new doors for the season, meaning more savings.

Maintain a Warm, Efficient Work Space

Weather seals don’t just keep cold air drafts out of your work environment, but also keep warm air inside. This means your workspace stays warmer for longer, which allows you to lower heating temperature significantly and earn back savings from lessened energy expenses. It also becomes easier to maintain a climate-controlled atmosphere, and increase the amount of insulation your establishment has to prevent warm air loss. Plus, employees can be more productive as the work environment becomes more comfortable.

Seals Transcend Seasons

When the brisk cold dies down after winter, weather seals work to keep cool air inside your facility. This means that it becomes cool and comfortable indoors, which is particularly helpful when the warmer days roll in. Apart from ensuring a conducive work environment all year-long; weather seals help maintain a climate-controlled environment. This also keeps products in good condition and ensuring the safe and optimal function of equipment used in everyday operations.

Weather-Seal Your High Speed Doors Today

Installing door seals sooner is always better than later. As the snow becomes more frequent, take it as a reminder to get your doors sealed. Weather seals are a cost-effective solution to unbearable weather conditions throughout the coldest season, and keeping the workplace in good condition is the first step to a productive business.

Are your high speed doors in good shape? Get them tightly secured with weather seals this winter to keep your employees warm, and your business productive. Contact us at 1 866 400 2050 today.