Ontario has been working to build laws that improve accessibility needs for those with disabilities. Learn about the standards for following and reporting deadlines for complying with accessibility requirements.

Ontario’s accessibility laws and standards are working towards all public facilities becoming more accessible for people with disabilities by the year 2025. For all information on Ontario’s Accessibility laws and requirements, click here.  

Barriers to Accessibility

Barriers to accessibility are obstacles that make it difficult for people with disabilities to do the things we do on a daily basis that many take for granted. This includes daily activities like going to work, shopping, taking public transit, or even using a public washroom.

The Law

In order to make Ontario more accessible to people with disabilities, the law requires all organization to identify any barriers that prove difficult for a person with a disability and remove or remedy them. This is in an effort to make customer service more accessible to people who have disabilities.

Any organizations that either serve the public or provides goods/services to other businesses/organizations must abide by this law. Staff should also be properly trained on how to serve people with disabilities.

How Does Nex Help You Comply with the Ontario Accessibility Laws?

At Nex Industrial, our areas within the Ontario accessibility law include entrance doors and washroom doors that require an automatic opener. We can update existing doors with an automatic opener in order to make them comply with the new standards for accessibility laws.

Examples of where automatic door openers need to be included are:

We can also install and service new, high speed and efficient doors fitted with automatic door openers if your facility requires. As all public services and facilities will need to be made fully accessible to people with disabilities, we highly recommend that your business or organization is prepared.

We can also come to your facility and inspect all areas to ensure that they meet both government laws and safety regulations, as well as provide feedback on areas that need improvement.  

Accessibility Requirements for Organizations

Depending on the size and type of business/organization, the requirements and deadlines you need to follow will vary. Check out the links below. If you are self-employed and don’t have employees then you are exempt.  

All public services and facilities in Ontario must be made accessible for people with disabilities.

To ensure that your business or organization meets Ontario’s regulations and ensure that your entrance and washroom doors are fully accessible, call Nex Industrial at 1-866-400-2050 and schedule an appointment today.