Preventative Maintenance

We provide your company with many ways to reduce the cost of maintaining your Overhead Doors and Loading Dock Equipment on a continual basis.

24/7 Service

A live person answers our clients calls 24-hours a day, and with a dispatched Service Technician will arrive to site within 4 hours. NEX Industrial Supplies Inc. is proud to offer:

  • 24 Hour Service Calls
  • Speedy Assistance
  • After Hours Help
  • And more

Construction & Design

Our construction division will help you avoid the middleman. Get it done right the first time. We are happy to lead you down the road from conception to creation.

  • Door Openings
  • Block & Brick Work
  • Loading Dock Pits & Pads
  • And more

Safety Compliance

We will work with you and your team to support a safe workplace. Our team can assist with industry knowledge of health and safety regulations and best practices to support a safe environment.

Professional Evaluations

We support…..

  • Safety Enhancements & Accessories
  • Production Flow
  • Security Systems
  • Employee Comfort / Ergonomics

High Quality Products

We carry many high quality products, including (but not limited to):

  • Overhead Doors
  • Dock Levelers
  • And Much More

Safety Compliance

Safety Compliance is of the utmost importance to Nex Industrial

The various types of traffic throughout a warehouse or manufacturing facility, including external employees not knowing the environment, can be extremely dangerous and making sure communication across all aspects of it can be complex.

We work with our clients to provide solutions for a safe environment.

Offering simple yet effective solutions, such as signage, railings and automated equipment procedures to ensure the right sequence of operation is enforced, provides safe working conditions and proper communication for everyone involved. Let us perform an assessment of your facility and help your team provide a safer work environment.

Service & Response-Time

Customers expect that when service is required, their service provider responds quickly and gets the repair fixed safely and without delay.

Our Service Technicians are trained for equipment repair, installation and safety. We are equipped with the proper tools and the main parts/components to fix our clients’ equipment on the first call to site.

Voicemails are not an acceptable tool for support. Nex has a live person answering our clients calls 24-hours a day, with a dispatched Service Technician arriving to site within 4 hours.

Communication is the most important part of being a service provider. Keeping our clients informed and up to date of every project, every step of the way ensures we are all working together; each person involved knows their part in the project and knows the expected conclusion.

Preventative Maintenance Programs (PMP)

Unscheduled downtime in any business is costly on several levels.

Keeping your equipment maintained and making sure it is operating efficiently and safely will save you long-term aggravation. Our Preventative Maintenance Programs (PMP) are based on our clients’ specific needs to ensure they are benefiting the most out of their equipment investment.

PMP Inspections should be performed at least semi-annually and even more frequently depending on the equipment use, number of working shifts, number of trucks per shift, etc.

We support our clients with carrying out their due diligence by proactively performing detailed safety inspections and repairs, as well as providing them with a detailed report of all components and notify them of areas of concern for immediate repair.

Choose NEX Industrial today, and get it right the first time.

Call us today for any questions or inquiries: 1-866-400-2050

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