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HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fans, GTA

Reduce your heating and cooling costs.


for Commercial/Industrial new construction and existing buildings


20 foot 24 foot
$1,000 per unit
$1,000 per unit


  • Space must be heated by ceiling mounted natural gas forced air heating systems, including unit heaters and have floor level thermostat temperature controls.
  • Only high-velocity low-speed (HVLS) fans with a minimum diameter of 20 feet for use in warehousing type buildings with a minimum of 25-foot ceilings.
  • Not eligible where other equipment that combat destratification such as radiant heaters and/or high velocity vertical throw unit heaters are present.
  • The number of fans eligible for utility incentive should not exceed:
  • 20 foot fan (whichever is less):
    • Max number of fans installed for heating mode, or
    • Building length (ft) x building width (ft) *0.77/7,854
  • 24 foot fan(whichever is less):
    • Max number of fans installed for heating mode, or
    • Building length (ft) x building width (ft) *0.77/11,310
  • The incentive eligibility calculation is not intended to provide design recommendation toward the number of fans permitted within the facility. It is strictly intended to inform the amount of fans eligible for incentive

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How Destratification Fans work

Destratification ceiling fans are huge downdraught fans ranging from 8 feet to 24 feet in diameter. These fans offer an inexpensive and efficient way to bring the heat down from the ceiling to mix with cooler floor temperature air, ensuring a consistent and comfortable temperature where it is most needed.
These fans prevent all the hot air in a facility from rising to the ceiling and all the cold air from sinking to the floor. Destratifying the air within a building ensures the temperature remains consistent.


Destratification fans require minimal maintenance. However, dust and debris can often build up in the device and cause a drop in performance. To ensure optimum performance and noise reduction, be sure to clean the fans routinely

Building applications

These fans offer the highest potential for energy savings in facilities with large stratification temperature differences such as warehouses where the greater the ceiling height, the greater the potential for savings in heating load.

The Benefits

  • Provides a consistent even temperature from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.
  • Minimizes the amount of warm air that has to be continuously replaced with cold outside air to achieve adequate ventilation.
  • Works alongside existing HVAC systems.
  • Simple to install and runs with minimal operating costs.
  • Quiet and efficient operation.
  • Provides a comfortable workplace and increases productivity.
  • Constant summer airflow lowers humidity which will eliminate condensation, mould growth, wet floors and corrugated box and container degradation.
  • In new construction, destratification fans can eliminate the need for expensive ductwork for both heating and air conditioning systems.

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