Keep your facility’s heating costs down this winter without compromising the safety and productivity of your workers with fast industrial doors, a simple but effective upgrade that provides long-term benefits to your business.

From heat retention to safety enhancements, industrial doors can prove advantageous to industrial and commercial facilities across various industries. Whether your facility is in need of a new, fast industrial door or other industrial supplies in the GTA, our team at NEX can help you find the most suitable product for your application.

Interested to learn how fast industrial doors can prove beneficial to your facility this winter? Keep reading:

Improves Heat Retention

One of the biggest advantages associated with fast industrial doors is its ability to minimize temperature fluctuation–especially in the winter. Thanks to quick open and close cycles, fast industrial doors work to protect your facility from losing excessive heat when in use. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate all heat exchanges with the cold outdoor air, high speed industrial doors can, however, aid the reduction of heat loss and promote heat retention.

Improves Safety

Beyond helping your facility save money on energy bills and operational costs, fast, high speed doors can also help enhance safety in your facility. Whether you need help ensuring the safety and hygiene of your products, or need help keeping unwanted weather elements out–such as snow, hail or rain–fast industrial doors can help your facility do just that while also complying with the Government’s safety standards. Featuring impressive speeds, self-repairing capabilities and continuous sealing, high speed doors will minimize the infiltration of airborne pathogens, weather, and more in your facility.

Boosts Productivity

Thanks to its notable ability to retain heat, fast industrial doors allow business owners to easily maintain a comfortable, climate-controlled environment for employees, ultimately promoting productivity in the facility. Beyond regulating your facility’s temperatures, high speed doors can also contribute to the productivity in your working environment this winter with its speed.

Featuring quick open and close cycles, fast industrial doors work to reduce the downtime of your personnel. Rather than having to spend minutes manually controlling your dated industrial doors, your employees can now open and close your new high speed doors within seconds, leaving them more time to complete their other tasks.

Pays For Itself

With its heat retention abilities, it should go without saying that fast industrial doors will help your facility save thousands of dollars each year on heating and cooling costs alone. With these savings, your high speed door for will practically pay for itself, making it an unquestionably beneficial investment.

Additionally, industrial/commercial facilities in the GTA may also be eligible to receive up to $1,800/per door in rebates for simply upgrading its equipment and improving the facility’s overall energy-efficiency. With generous rebates as such, installing fast industrial doors in your facility can come at little to no cost to you. Take advantage of these incentives while they last.

Keeping your facility’s heating and operational costs down this winter, while boosting productivity and enhancing safety is as simple as upgrading to fast, high speed industrial doors. Need a high speed door supplier in the GTA? Call NEX at (866)400-2050 today.