Glass AluminumPedestrian doors come in a variety of designs, materials, shapes and sizes.  One of the most commonly used pedestrian doors in the GTA is the glass aluminum doors.  Glass aluminum doors have gradually been gaining more popularity over the past decade for their appearance, durability and flexibility.   The Nex team shares some advantages of choosing glass aluminum doors.  If you’re in the market for an glass aluminum doors or other types of pedestrian doors in the GTA, call into Nex Industrial any inquiries!

Advantages of Glass Aluminum Doors


One of the greatest benefits of glass aluminum doors is their sustainability against harsh weather conditions.  Many doors made from other materials tend to rust or crack over an extended period of time, requiring replacements while aluminum doors are able to last longer.   Another advantage of aluminum doors is their ability to resist scratches on the glass.  There are protective coatings that can be applied to prevent the aluminum surface from scratching as well.  Aluminum doors can save on maintenance expenses over time, as their durability allows for a longer product lifespan.

Low Maintenance

The durability of the glass aluminum doors also allows you to cut back on any maintenance costs.  You won’t have to worry about the material cracking or rusting.  To maintain your aluminum door, simply wipe down the glass with a glass cleaner every once in awhile.


Glass aluminum doors allows the natural sunlight to enter into your environment without excessively heating your environment.  Many aluminum doors have a thermal break installed in the door that helps reduce heat and cold from transferring through the door frame.  If your aluminum door does not have the thermal break installed, it is a good idea to have it installed to reduce heat losses and gains during the cold and hot weather.

Designs and Finishes

One of the greatest abilities of aluminum doors is that they can be manipulated into any desired shape and design, allowing more flexibility in customization.  It also enhances the overall appearance of your environment.  To ensure that your door does not wear out overtime, there are numerous types of finishes available such as powder coating, pearl, metallic and timber to name a few.  The powder coating finish is one of the more commonly used finishes as it also comes with a wide range of colours, allowing people to maximize the customization of their door.


Not only does the aluminum door provide durability and flexibility, but it’s also very affordable in comparison to other types of doors.  It is also more affordable, while being able to increase the resale value due to its modern appearance.

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