Now that the weather has warmed up, insects are starting to come out of hiding. The start of Summer is when you are most likely to experience pest infestations, which could be disastrous in a workplace.  Besides being an obvious nuisance, certain bugs and pests may pose health and safety risks to you, your employees, and any potential client traffic in the work space. See how industrial FDA/AIB approved bug screens in Etobicoke add a crucial preventative measure  to your workplace.

Eliminate outdoor insects and birdsRoll_Up_Bug_Barrier

Your industrial or commercial bug screen acts as a barrier between your facility and unwanted bugs or pests.

While bug screens work to keep unwanted critters out, they also double up as a vessel for fresh air. Whether you have the powered roll up, spring assisted roll up or manual slide bug door, they all provide the same benefits; it eliminates the invasion of insects. Let your team focus on their tasks, instead of spending time swatting away insects.

Allows for fresh air

Getting fresh air into the workspace is not only a welcomed luxury, the circulation and ventilation will help with the overall indoor environment, boosting the morale of employees and clients. Without bug screens, the indoor air quality of any space can be negatively affected; bacteria and debris can collect easily. By having bug screens installed,  the amount of debris and bacteria that enters the workspace is reduced.

Allows Natural light to enter

As bug screens are not entirely blocked, they allow for natural light to enter the facility, whereas a solid door would block any source of light. So you’ll be getting natural light without the work space heating up. The bug screens can also prevent your equipment from damage caused by UV rays.

Saves energy

Bug screens allow for natural ventilation which can help to lower overall energy costs by keeping the workspace cool during the warmer weather. Constantly running air conditioners in larger spaces can take up quite a lot of energy, which results in expensive energy bills. Also, since bug screens allow for more natural light, it can help save on electricity costs too.

Added security

Bug screens still provide the security of a closed door to deter unwanted entry or exit to and from your facility.


Insects can be a pain but we can help! Our team at Nex Industrial offers 24-hour service in Etobicoke. Call us at 1 (866) 400-2050 for your next FDA/AIB approved bug screen!