It’s a horrible feeling having your business exposed to a thief or intruder, not to mention the monetary loss you could potentially suffer.

Security rolling shutters have been designed to safeguard your property against all such situations so that you can have peace of mind and protect what matters a good deal to you – your business.

Although the benefits list of security rolling shutters is quite long, here are the top five which will surely get you thinking why haven’t you installed one in your facility yet:

  1. Enhance security and privacy: An obvious yet extremely important advantage of having rolling shutters is that it adds privacy to your factory or warehouse when you need it the most. Even if the door faces a busy road, you needn’t worry about the prying eyes of passers-by as the rolling shutters will block the view completely. These shutters are mostly made from top quality metals like stainless steel and aluminum, making them incredibly strong which in turn helps diminish crimes such as burglary and vandalism.
  2. Energy efficient: High-quality security rolling shutters can help with indoor temperature regulation by minimizing the amount of cold air which is seeping into space and keeping the heat from getting out. You no longer have to install those costly heating and cooling systems to regulate the indoor temperature on the temporary basis. The superior insulation of rolling shutters allows you to keep the energy bills as low as possible while enjoying other benefits rolling shutters render to your commercial building.
  3. Less noise levels: Security rolling shutters have been found to reduce the noise levels by half, which is a significant number, prompting more and more people to go for installing rolling shutters in commercial settings. Not only will it stop the outer noise from entering your building, but the rolling shutter will also help contain the indoor noise, without disturbing other people who may be walking around your facility.
  4. Easy operation: Commercial security rolling shutters are designed to open/close quickly, which will prevent any unnecessary heat loss whilst allowing hassle-free movement of materials and people through the facility. They are just a one-time application and don’t require dedicated maintenance efforts to ensure durable performance.

Since the rolling shutters feature a vertical opening, there will be a lot of space left in front of the door which can be utilized for other things like vehicle parking to ensure easy loading/unloading of items.

  1. Weather resistant: Beyond protection against theft and burglaries, rolling shutters also stand strong against adverse weather conditions. If left unprotected, your commercial building is likely to be exposed to strong winds and heavy rains that can play havoc, causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage and profit loss. Rolling shutters can help prevent any kind of damage to your building due to inclement weather, thus saving you money.

Available in different finishes to match your aesthetics requirements!

Installing security rolling shutters in your commercial building in Etobicoke doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the exterior appearance of your property. Since rolling shutters can be availed in so many different finishes such as wood, aluminum, steel, stainless steel and perforated, you can pick the one that goes well with the existing decor theme of your building – thus achieving a blend of functional and aesthetic aspects.

Why is Aluminum Material so Popular?

It’s lightweight, probably three times lighter than steel and exceptionally strong, which makes it an ideal option for security rolling shutters. Lightweight materials are generally energy-efficient and reduce the carbon footprint. The fact that aluminum is corrosion resistant will enable you to enjoy an extended aesthetic life and value of rolling shutter.

What’s more, aluminum itself undergoes rigorous surface treatments such as anodizing and painting. These processes make it possible to customize the rolling shutters, thus keeping the decor of commercial property intact. Some business owners like to use this space for perennial ads or their company logos. Being ductile, aluminum can be molded into different ways as per your specific application.

Another amazing benefit of aluminum is that it is highly recyclable. So if you care about your environment and want to do your part, aluminium rolling shutters would definitely enable you to do that. Aluminum can be recycled without losing any of its inherent properties.

NEX Industrial carries an extensive range of building security solutions including rolling shutters that are ideal for installing in storage areas, service counters, and concession stands. A whole range of innovative shutter designs is available to suit different requirements, so you are sure to find one which bodes well with your needs.

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