In commercial settings such as facilities in the food industry, energy loss due to doors being left open for an extended period of time can lead to substantial energy costs, not to mention the time spent by workers when waiting for the door to open during each cycle, which could easily add up to become hours of productivity wasted.

High-speed commercial doors are dedicatedly designed to curtail the energy loss and the subsequent costs.

Here are five ways high-speed commercial doors can benefit you:

Reduced Noise Pollution

A high level of noise and air pollution are a common occurrence in industrial facilities. High-speed doors close quickly so other employees working within the same areas do not have to bear the loud sounds that may otherwise exert an effect on their hearing abilities while enhancing the quality of the environment for those working or staying in the vicinity. Moreover, when doors close quickly, contaminants, pests and vermin are less likely to enter the area.

Made to be extremely durable

Standard doors that are not designed to support your business’ volume, speed, or application, will show the signs of wear long before they should, which will cost you. When this is noticed may be the right time to switch to their high-speed counterparts. High-speed doors are built to be extremely durable, which means good value for your money. The only consideration is ensuring you get the correct type that maximizes your requirements and your investment for years to come.

Improved Energy-Efficiency

Commercial or Industrial buildings with large doors or with a high volume of doors face the risk of losing way too much energy. High-speed doors, close as speeds up to 60” per second, giving little time for the cold air to escape, therefore you can expect to witness an increased level of energy efficiency and temperature control. Many operations managers are opting to install these doors at both entrances and interior sections to realize an additional layer of efficiency.

The significance of installing commercial high-speed doors to separate internal sections of a facility is also important and is multiplied in high-traffic doorways. Particularly in the food industry, as this will help control temperatures within each individual area and reduce the wear on motors and compressors in the fridge and freezer units.

Control the invasion of airborne debris

The benefit is more relevant than some may think, especially for a product or people who are highly susceptible to organic contaminants and other debris. When harmful particles manage to find their way in, the loss impact of the overall efficiencies and damages are unrecoverable; from employee sickness to spoiled product.

Enhanced comfort and security

If it’s a large building with a good number of employees, a drafty work environment due to poorly controlled temperature will feel uncomfortable, leaving a negative impact on workers and possibly their health. Any door which is open for extended periods leads to substantial temperature fluctuations. This is critically notable for individuals involved in food safety situations that require the security and temperature to be managed with extreme care.

In facilities with excessive traffic movement, be it forklifts, trucks or pedestrians, it can be an intimidating task for Operations Managers to maintain the closed-door environment. Such situations can be successfully overcome through high-speed doors that will help you achieve all the hygiene and energy control objectives of your organization. You can minimize the temperature and energy losses through doorways without compromising the ease of access and productivity.

Do you want to install high-speed doors in your facility in Etobicoke, but unsure how to get started?

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