With Winter on its’ way and shipments coming and going, loading dock doors will be letting in more cold air, resulting in higher heating costs for you.  Luckily, there are a couple of ways that you can improve the facility’s energy efficiency.  Keep reading for energy-saving suggestions from the experts at NEX Industrial!

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Energy Efficient Tips for Warehouses

Saving Energy with High-Speed Doors

Improving your company’s energy efficiency isn’t just limited to the dock area; improvements can be made throughout the warehouse as well. High-speed doors are an infrastructure upgrade that not only increases production but help save on energy as well. The time in which a standard industrial door is open or closed and the tightness of the door seals are both important factors when it comes to saving energy. 

Doors that are slow when opening or closing allow for increased air infiltration, resulting in higher energy loss. High-speed doors allow both people and equipment to move faster through door openings; therefore reducing the change in temperature and heat loss.

Loading Dock Levelers

Many dock doors are fitted with three-sided dock shelters or seals, which help to keep outside temperatures from entering through the top and sides of the trailer. Unfortunately, cold air can also enter through a fourth side of the dock, which is the open areas beneath the dock levelers and around the bumpers. An under-leveler rolling curtain and additional bumper pads will reduce the cold air from entering through the loading dock, and significantly increase the comfort and energy efficiency in your building.

Install Air Barriers

Installing air barriers at the entrance of any of your industrial doors helps to control the temperature of your warehouse. Air barriers accomplish this by creating a wall of air which prevents cold air from coming in and warm air from escaping. This helps to reduce electrical and gas costs, as your warehouse’s HVAC system will not work as hard to keep up.

Seal Gaps Around the Hinges

Take a look at your warehouse’s loading docks. While a truck is being loaded or serviced, stand on the inside of the dock and search for any areas where daylight comes through. These are areas where expensive heated air can escape and dirt, snow, and cold air to find their way in.  Trailers with swing-style doors have large hinge gaps when open at the loading dock. Dock shelters equipped with hinge gap sealing pads will help with this issue.

Energy Rebate Incentives:

Your natural gas provider offers $$ incentives for these type of upgrades.  Call us and we can immediately assess the value of your incentive and provide your approximate return on investment.

We also offer preventative maintenance inspections to check for potential issues and overall equipment operational efficiencies.  We can also help you improve the overall energy-efficiency of your warehouse through simple and affordable equipment adjustments.  Haven’t had your preventative maintenance appointment yet?  Schedule yours today and ensure that your business is ready for Winter.  We service the Northern GTA region including Markham, Barrie, Aurora, Newmarket, and Richmond Hill.

Want to learn more ways you can save on energy this winter? Give NEX Industrial a call at 1- 866-400-2050 and set up a preventative maintenance appointment in Markham today!