Does your facility have air curtains? If not, you’re missing out. Air curtains can bring massive energy saving benefits to your GTA business, and they are ideal for various applications. Food packaging facilities, warehouses, automobile assembly sites, pharmaceutical buildings, corporate offices, and military installations are just a handful of enterprises that can benefit from these fixtures. 

Let’s start with perhaps the most basic question; What is an air curtain? An air curtain is a fan-powered device that instills an invisible screen to separate two environments. The way an air curtain works is a high-velocity jet of air is emitted and this creates an effective screen to seal openings by over 90%. 

When you install air curtains at key entry and exit points in your facility, you will be accessing a plethora of benefits; from keeping out draughts to reducing carbon emissions. 

Below, we compiled a list of the 7 biggest advantages air curtains introduce to your facility. 

1. Saves Space

As a facility owner, you already know that indoor space is a priceless commodity and that every single square inch counts. Air curtains not only decrease construction costs but they also maximize floor space. They sit neatly atop a doorway and do not occupy any extra room like a tangible barrier would. Moreover, these fixtures do their job perfectly without limiting the passage of vehicles and people.   

2. Elevates Comfort Levels

Air curtains keep internal temperatures at a comfortable level and also reduces moisture that is caused by varying temperatures in entryway floors, keeping them dry, thus keeping traffic moving smoothly and safely. 

Do air curtains keep flies out? Absolutely! The curtain creates a barrier that keeps interiors clear from pests and insects, airborne particles, pollution, odours, and draughts. 

3. Cuts Energy Costs

Do air curtains save energy? Definitely! These are energy savings screens or barriers that reduce heating and cooling costs by as high as 85%. They protect indoor climates and increase occupant comfort. 

Moreover, air curtains eat up less energy while they operate. A well-sealed door is a great solution to cutting energy loss by ensuring that the conditioned air inside the building does not escape. Thus, air exchange between the interiors and exteriors is prevented. In the long run, these fixtures greatly ease the load on your building’s heating and cooling systems.

4. Offers Great Humidity Control

Outdoor humidity and other contaminants can affect the integrity of your goods, equipment and operations. These also impact employee health in the long run. Air curtains go a long way to ensuring that your premises are kept clear from the unwanted entry of such elements. Moreover, your HVAC systems won’t have to work overtime to control high levels of humidity. 

5. Is Super Affordable – Get a Quick ROI

Are air curtains expensive to run? Not at all. A non-heated air curtain installed over a standard door doesn’t cost much to run. What you spend on operational costs, you will be saving in costs relating to your HVAC system. 

You will get an approximately three-year payback for your air curtain installation. This is very cost-effective considering other permanent and more expensive alternatives. 

6. Install NEX Air Curtains to Automatically Qualify For Rebates! 

Your natural gas provider is offering direct rebates on energy-saving upgrades such as air barriers, seals, high-speed doors, and related equipment. You can access some seriously generous rebates just by installing high-efficiency products in your premises. We take care of all documentation and qualifications with your gas provider for you.

Call us for an assessment and evaluation of your savings!

7. Direct Local Support

Nex Industrial is your local authorized dealer.  We directly sell, install and service your air curtains with our trained support team.  We are here for you, providing a 24-hour response to all your requirements. That’s why we have always been “Docks, Doors & So Much More”.

The Amazing Benefits of Air Curtains Are Now Within Your Reach

If you are impressed after reading about the near limitless benefits of air curtains, you’ll be so much more impressed by installing them and seeing these same benefits come to life before your eyes!

At NEX Industrial we offer reliable, durable and cost-effective solutions for all your needs. Don’t hesitate when the benefits are this big! Amazing rebates are waiting for you as we speak. 

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