Interested in kicking your warehouse’s security up a few notches? Then you may want to consider investing in industrial gates for your facility. Known for durability, flexibility, and practicality, industrial gates have proven advantageous to various commercial and industrial facilities. From limiting access to certain areas of a facility (i.e. loading docks), to protecting valuable merchandise and assets, industrial gates have been and can be used for various applications.

At NEX, we proudly carry a wide variety of security solutions including industrial gates for industrial and commercial facilities like yours in Vaughan to help enhance the safety of your facility. Whether you need help narrowing down the perfect industrial gate for your application, or need help installing, maintaining and servicing your company’s industrial gates, our team has the knowledge and experience to help.

Keep reading below to learn more about the advantages of industrial gates and how your facility can begin reaping the benefits.


With the increasing number of security threats occurring, it’s imperative to have a number of defences in place to protect your premise from thieves, trespassers, and more. As a result, many turn to industrial gates as their preferred security solution.

One of the most obvious benefits associated with investing in industrial gates is security. Beyond granting you more control as a business owner, industrial gates also act as a physical deterrent for criminals. Paired with its durable design, size, and high-tech features, industrial gates can prove beneficial to facilities looking to amp up their security measures.

Cost-Effective Solution

While other security measures — such as hiring a team of security guards and installing surveillance cameras — are effective as well, industrial gates are a much more worthwhile investment in the long run. Beyond sparing your security team from inclement weather conditions, industrial gates also offer a large investment return. Acting in place of security guards, your industrial gates will be operative 24/7 meaning your facility never has to go without protection and will also help you save over time.

Highly Customizable & Durable

Beyond amping up the security of your facility, industrial gates can also add value to your property. With various design options and countless application purposes, your facility can have all the protection it needs without compromising the aesthetics or productivity of your facility. Built to withstand a great deal of use, your facility should see no issues with your industrial gates adapting to your facility’s high volumes of traffic and local weather conditions.

Enhances Convenience

Gone are the days of trying to remember whether you locked the gates or not. With automated industrial gates, your facility’s security will never be compromised. Unlike manual gates which require authorized personnel to open, close and lock the gates manually, industrial gates can be closed and locked remotely or automatically for your convenience, enhanced experience, and peace of mind.

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