What is the purpose of Air Barriers in industrial, retail, and commercial settings?

Enershield Air Barriers are often used to improve the air quality, by maintaining the temperature indoors. Air Barriers help improve the energy efficiency in a working area, saving you money on your monthly utility bills, plus greatly improve employee comfort. Get an insight from the professionals at Nex Industrial on why Air Barriers in the GTA are beneficial to your business.

What are Enershield Air Barriers, and how do they work? air barrier

An Air Barrier, also known as an air door, emits a stream of air from above of an opening, creating up to a 90% seal to separate differing environments. An Enershield Air Barrier also helps to deter flying insects, birds and rodents from entering your premises. They are more commonly used in places with a higher traffic, such as drive-in doors or pedestrian doors that frequent a large volume of people, such as in supermarkets to keep a consistent temperature and they are quiet. Enershield Air Barriers work by taking the existing air or temperature from within the building and dispersing that across the opening at the correct volume and speed to efficiently seal the opening. The Air Barrier should always be installed on the side you are trying to contain, taking what is to be considered the clean air to seal off the outside dirty air. Enershield Air Barriers have a patented discharge nozzle that can be angled as much as 25 degrees outwards. The angling of the nozzle is a crucial factor in the design criteria so that a facility can angle the air slightly outwards to offer more resistance to any prevailing winds based on the site conditions.  Enershield Air Barriers are custom manufactured, applications range from foot traffic doorways to openings the size of Air Craft Hangars.

What are some benefits of Air Barriers?

Commercial profitabilityenershield

Promotes a healthier and more hygienic environment


Energy Saving

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