The thought of a workplace injury makes you balk, doesn’t it? And rightly so. Productivity, safety and employer-employee relations all take a hit. This article is geared towards safeguarding your employees and creating a much happier and healthier workspace. 

If you own an industrial facility, an indispensible tool that your employees simply cannot do without is ladders. However, worn ladder rungs tend to get quite slippery, even more so with the temperamental showers that come with Canadian summers. The solution? Anti-slip ladder run covers for your Toronto business!

Why are anti-slip ladder rung covers important? Ladder rungs are one of the most dangerous places in an industrial setting. Given the small foot surface area, there isn’t much room for a person to quickly regain their footing. An anti-slip cover offers firm-footed traction even in the harshest indoor and outdoor environments. 

Anti-Slip Covers vs Self-Adhesive Tapes

Slip-and-fall accidents are prominent in power generation facilities, especially on ladders. In the past, temporary tapes were the only solution to prevent injuries that occur as a result of slick rungs. However, even these had a limited shelf-life and had to be replaced 2-3 times in a 5 year period. 

The biggest benefit of using ladder rung covers, especially from a trusted supplier like Safeguard®, is that these are permanent. After installation, there is no need for upkeep, meaning that no one is required to scrape off and replace worn-out material

As far as the visuals are concerned, they can always be repainted so that they look brand new. Such types of products are geared to save you from a load of unnecessary rework, thus saving time and costs!

Excellent Base Materials for Excellent Performance

The anti-slip ladder covers offer optimal protection in rain, frost, oil, chemicals or mud. Safeguard® covers are available in bright yellow and come in a luminescent finish for better visibility in low lighting conditions. 

What are anti-slip covers made from? The base materials include pultruded fiberglass, galvanized steel, stainless steel or direct grit. These are lightweight, impact-resistant and completely cost-effective!

Long-Lasting Grip

Because these covers have been designed to resist chemicals and corrosion, they provide unimpeded performances over longer periods while still maintaining their excellent grip. They can also sustain the friction from constant boot traffic. 

Simple Installation

You can get your cover made to order for fast and simple installation over existing materials. These come with pre-drilled holes and mechanical fasteners/adhesives. 

5 Different Grit Grades

Choose from extra coarse, coarse, fine, extra fine and super fine depending on your application. Fine grade is the most requested for commercial purposes. 

Wide Range of Colours

These are offered in a wide range of colours and markings to meet industry safety standards. They can attract attention, advise caution and communicate safety information. 

Ideal for a Wide Range of Industries

These versatile covers meet anti-slip requirements at commercial offices, schools, institutional buildings, residences, hotels, and so much more. 


Apart from a wide range of colours, you can also get your covers in HiGlo-Traction Photoluminescent which highlights the colours in the case of a power outage. 

The Biggest Benefits of Anti-Slip Covers

Workplace Slips Are Risky (and Easily Avoidable)!

Keep Your Employees Safe

NEX Industrial offers high-quality, corrosion-free covers that are ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces. And when you keep your employees safe, everyone benefits from a productive and stimulating work environment.

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