The high-speed doors in your commercial or industrial facility do so much more than just sit pretty. They take on tasks of immense significance in that they slash energy costs, withstand temperamental weather conditions and elevate efficiency levels. High-speed door maintenance in Toronto is critical to safeguarding your equipment and ensuring uninterrupted operations.


Maintaining High-Speed Doors. How Do I Do It?

With general wear-and-tear, your automated doors need a little TLC to restore them to peak condition. After all, when this much rides on their performance, taking risks is unnecessary. Of course, high-speed door maintenance is multi-faceted as it involves preventative as well as reactive upkeep measures.

More so in a country like Canada where the weather is harsh and unpredictable, your doors need all the attention they can get. But how do you cope with (and keep track of) the maintenance of your doors when there are so many other aspects of operating a facility that are calling your name?

To ensure that your high-speed doors are inspected regularly and receive the support they need, we’ve charted a maintenance plan below. These factors will shed some insight into how to maintain your doors all year-round and not just when December rolls around.


Those Four Magic Words – Maintenance, Repair, Support and Service

As a facility owner, you’re already aware of this. The continuity of your business depends upon smooth and successful operations. On a daily basis, you track the incoming raw materials for production and the outgoing finished goods to be transported to retail outlets. If there is even the smallest impediment in production, costs rack up and customer relationships can be tarnished in the bargain.

You’d be surprised to know how much maintaining your industrial doors ameliorate the above situation. In turn, reliable door systems require proactive attention.


Regular Maintenance

When it comes to automated gates, doors, barriers, and shutters, advanced and intricate electronics within are what spur them on to perform without a hitch. Operator issues aside, there are several external and internal factors that could cause these motors to malfunction.

Just as you shower your car with regular care, so as with high-speed doors. For any form of hardware, maintenance is required so that you can expand their operational life cycle and reduce breakdowns. If you frequently rely on emergency repairs, you will be spending quite a bundle in the long-run and causing significant production downtimes while getting your doors fixed.

Repeat breakdowns can be avoided through periodic maintenance. At NEX, we offer fixed price contracts as well as on-demand service to maintain your high-speed doors. Whether you own an individual facility or a large chain business, we’re at your beck and call.

Our certified contractors know how to ensure ongoing safety in your operations by conducting regular machinery checks. Additionally, current legislation requires you to ensure that your assets are in tip-top shape anyway, so you will be doing yourself twice the amount of favours by getting your doors looked at!


Reactive Repairs

While planned maintenance does a great deal to deter constant breakdowns, errors, misuse, and accidental collisions cannot be fully avoided. When your door is put out of action as a result of these scenarios, you cannot wait until your next periodic maintenance to fix the issue.

In such a case, 24/7 urgent repairs are the need of the hour. You require a trusted team to come to you. At NEX, we do everything within our power to provide same day service at affordable rates. We also stock a wide range of parts to fast track repair. Once your door is restored to a proper condition, we will even suggest any other parts/measures you can invest in to ensure that a situation like that does not arise again.


Ongoing Support

Our team at NEX will be happy to provide a walkthrough or basic guidance to aid your team in noticing potential issues in advance of a breakdown.


24 Hour Service Calls. Speedy Assistance. Safety Compliance.

Choose NEX Industrial for all your high-speed door maintenance needs and never look back! No matter the issue, we have what it takes to set it right. Call us at +1 866 400 2050!