When you run a business, your #1 priority is (or should be!) to ensure top-of-the-line security. In our digital era, it’s easy to make accommodations for online threats and forget about the physical dangers such as break-ins and thefts. It’s important to have adequate measures in place to deter criminals and keep your workflow processes running smoothly, employees safe and losses to a minimum. 

NEX Industrial is a leading supplier of industrial security gates in Etobicoke. With extensive experience in the field, we can supply products to your very precise requirements; no matter the challenges of the industry or the location in which you operate. 

These are a great way to protect your premises from unauthorized intruders. They are highly impact-resistant and can easily stand the test of time, especially with the heavy weather demands in a country like Canada. 

Here are just a handful of benefits that industrial security gates bring to your GTA business;

Made From Quality Materials

At NEX, we only offer products offer unparalleled quality, reliability and complete lifetime value. These are configured to the field and functionality in question, that are heavily reinforced for industrial and commercial applications.

These are able to withstand high volumes of traffic, meaning they are able to open and close faster and handle repetitive movement, countless times a day, without increasing vehicle idling times or hindering productivity. 

Acts as a Physical Barrier

The first and foremost benefit is that these gates double up as a physical deterrent and make unauthorized entry tricky. Their sheer size and integrity give little opportunity for unwanted access to the premises and your possessions. 

Offers Better Control

Security gates even come with an automatic functionality, meaning there’s no need for manual intervention. On occasion when the latter is called for, the intuitive and responsive gate operators allow the security guard to control the entry and exit of traffic without much ado. Additionally, when you back these gates up with a camera and intercom system, the entire process becomes that much easier. 

Delivers Superior Convenience

These electric gates negate the possibility of human error completely. If you have a guard who forgets to lock the gate, these will lock automatically so that your security is never compromised. Of course, this works both ways. You won’t have to exit your vehicle when you want to enter the building either as the entire process is automated for your convenience. 

Is Highly Affordable

How much do high-security gates cost? A poor price point makes all of these other features redundant. With other security measures like manual patrols, your expenses will skyrocket. Electric security gates save you a small fortune. 

Security gates range in price based mainly on size and options. However, the initial investment is paid back ten-fold with the money you save in hiring mobile security guards, manually overseeing the flow, or the cost of a loss due to theft. Trust us, the ROI is something that will put a smile on your face. 

Maximizes Curb Appeal

Visuals matter. It isn’t simply about making your property impregnable to intruders. It’s also about enhancing its visual appeal for employees, customers, suppliers and clients that visit your premises. 

To make your facility look impressive, you can opt to have your security gates styled, coloured and shaped as you like to optimize the form as well as the functionality. 

Meets Legal Requirements

As a commercial and industrial facility owner, you have to comply with local and federal safety codes. At NEX, all our products are aligned with the relevant legal framework so you don’t have to face bothersome lawsuits down the line. Rest assured, your doors will also meet other adjacent requirements and hold their own when it comes to official inspections. 

Affordable, Reliable and Durable Security Gates Protect Your Business 24/7

If you are impressed after reading about the near-limitless benefits of security gates, you’ll be so much more impressed by NEX installing them and seeing these same benefits come to life before your eyes!

At NEX Industrial we offer reliable, durable and cost-effective solutions for all your needs. Don’t hesitate when the benefits are this big! 

Contact us and protect your business today