Improve Efficiency In Your Facility With NEX High-Speed Doors

You can install automatic high-speed doors in any building or industrial facility. These doors can be used in a wide range of industrial settings, including food distribution centers and manufacturing factories. They are also useful for construction yards. You need to use high-functioning commercial doors for these buildings because they are used by many people […]

The Best High-Quality Safeguard Hi-traction Anti-Slip Walkable Products

  Anti-slip walkable covers offer several advantages that make them a great investment for various settings. First and foremost, they boast superior anti-slip properties that can help prevent slip-and-fall accidents. These covers are designed to withstand challenging conditions such as oil, chemicals, frost, rain, snow, and heat, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor […]

Your Warehouse Dock Needs Durable Pest Control Products

Efficiency and safety are critical in warehouse and manufacturing plant settings, especially in busy and hazardous areas such as loading docks. Loading dock levelers play a crucial role in maintaining efficient operations serving as the gateway to your organization. They help prevent unexpected logistics breakdowns and ensure safety at the dock, which is essential for […]

Why You Should Consider A Preventive Maintenance Plan for Your Overhead Doors & Dock Equipment.

Dock equipment, such as loading dock levelers, dock seals, and dock shelters, are essential for the efficient operation of any warehouse or distribution center. However, like all mechanical equipment, dock equipment requires regular maintenance in order to function properly and avoid costly breakdowns. At Nex Industrial, we offer preventative maintenance inspections that are aimed to […]

A Very Merry Christmas from our team to yours

Since 2004, NEX Industrial has been a proud Toronto-based company that offers reliability and quality. We hold ourselves accountable to our clients by providing superior products, and outstanding workmanship, and ensuring they are completely satisfied. As always our team at NEX Industrial are fully committed to serving your business in a timely manner. To this […]

Another client is safe on solid ground!

  Our client added Safeguard Anti-Slip covers to their outdoor stairway to prevent slips and falls. We are exclusive distributors of Safeguard Anti-Slip products. Ensure your workplace is safe today with our Safeguard Anti-Slip guards!