Security is essential regardless of the type of facility you operate.  Barrier systems, including gate systems are a great security solution to manage the traffic coming to and from your property, allowing only authorized vehicles to do so, when you want them to, any time of day.

At NEX, our barrier systems are affordable and cost effective. Give us a call today, and let’s work together to customize the perfect security solution for your needs.  Keep reading to find out the best uses and options for barrier arms, and why they’re a beneficial security solution.

Where are Barrier Arms Used?

Barrier gates and barrier arms are effective ways to control vehicle traffic and ensure all traffic is monitored for security and safety.

Barrier gate arm operators are commonly used in:

Benefits of Barrier Arm Systems

Long-lasting: Our Barrier arm operators are built to be highly durable using industrial grade materials, with balancing springs guaranteed for 1,000,000 operations, providing continuous and constant daily use, with very little maintenance or repairs.

Available in different sizes: The length of the arms on the barrier comes in different lengths up to 29 feet, making it easy to meet the requirements of your entrance.  

Several Security Options: Barrier arms offer several features including barcode readers, PLC’s, fob readers, keypads, pay stations, telephone entry systems, even entry by authorized cellular phone numbers, including options for in-ground loop detectors, all connected to your computer for easy programming and tracking. These features help to ensure that no unauthorized persons can gain access to your facility, nor any entry at specific times of day.

Controlled speeds: Barrier arms are available with programmable speeds, programmable delayed closing times, with soft-start and stop features, and auto-reverse making it safe and easy to control the flow of traffic in and out of your facility.

Affordable: Barrier Gates are very affordable to install and to maintain.  We offer various purchase and lease options, making this form of security very budget friendly, without compromising security.

Looking to install a barrier arm system to enhance the security at your facility? Give us a call at 1-866-400-2050 today to discuss your ideal security options.