High-speed doors are designed to support facilities in need of controlling climate within specific areas of a building or to protect against external elements.  High-speed doors are made of various materials to suit various applications, such as vinyl, aluminum, rubber.  They are designed to ensure longevity. 

High-speed doors improve energy efficiency, therefore are recognized by electrical and gas providers, who provide rebates to offset the cost.  

High-speed doors help to prevent temperature and energy losses through doorways, as well as reducing the risk of cross contamination between specific controlled areas.  In facilities that require significantly higher traffic, (such as pedestrians, forklifts or trucks) having high-speed doors are an ideal solution to support the flow of operations.

Here are a few applications in which high-speed doors are ideal:

There are a variety of options to fit a number of requirements and applications, that can be custom made to fit your facility’s exact requirements.

High-speed doors should be designed to sustain high usage with minimal wear and tear, reducing the need for constant maintenance.  The doors should also be designed to withstand equipment impact; for example, if a product is knocked into the doors or a forklift runs into it, it’s not going to completely break the door, but reset and keep working for you.

We recommend contacting an expert at Nex Industrial to determine what type of high-speed door would best meet the requirements of your facility.

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