It’s time, folks! There are some great rebates at hand when you make upgrades to improve your facility’s energy efficiency. These gas rebates in the GTA are made available by Enbridge and encourage facility owners to be mindful of how they’re hiking their utility bills because of loss of conditioned air and energy-guzzling products that do more harm than good. 

What products will fetch you these rebates? Take a look below! 

Air Curtains and Air Barriers

Air curtains and air barriers are easily installed directly over a vestibule on your front entrance doors, on large drive-in doors or any door that is separating the climate in 2 areas.

These supplement your existing HVAC equipment costs by preventing the leakage of conditioned air, in addition to the rise in employee & customer’ comfort and a decline in liability as entryways are kept dry even during inclement weather. 

If you have a business that involves pedestrians walking in and out, or vehicles moving in & out of your facility, a solid door will impede traffic. Air curtains and barriers are a great way to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and also prevent the transfer of heat between two spaces. 

High-Speed Doors

We continually promote the benefits of high-speed doors, so let this serve as a reminder! These not only heighten your security and prevent unauthorized access into your facility but reduce heating and cooling loss and speed up productivity. 

High-speed doors offer excellent sealing on all sides and can resist a higher degree of damage than conventional door options. Higher speeds mean cold winds are blocked out, protecting the integrity of your facility’s temperature and keeping possessions protected from environmental damage. 

When you invest in such energy savings equipment, you will be eligible for one of Enbridge’s generous incentive programs!

Loading Dock Equipment

It may seem like a minuscule issue, but every time you notice a gap around a parked truck at a loading dock, that is inevitably costing you money. You should know that conditioned air escapes through these gaps and costs you thousands of dollars every year. 

Truck seals and shelters close the gap around the trailer, the bumpers and in the trailer’s door hinges.

Dock seals are specifically designed to compress when the trailer pushes against them, forming a seal along three sides of the trailer. These are available at low prices and can be customized depending on the size and style of the trailer being served. 

Dock Shelters are designed to provide a seal around the sides of the trailer, allowing full access to the trailer opening.

Overhead Doors

Rolling steel and sectional doors are a great buy, not to mention tremendously improve insulation and energy savings. 

These commercial doors are engineered to fit every style and match your project’s specifications. If durability, reliability and affordability are at the top of your pecking order, it’s time to invest in these energy-efficient solutions. The biggest benefit? You can access some great rebates to boot!

These doors have been rigorously field-tested to offer maximum productivity and minimum downtimes, even in the most challenging commercial environments. 

Rolling and sectional doors offer stringent temperature control throughout the year in areas like warehouses, fire stations and municipal buildings. 

Attractive Rebates in the GTA – Now Available

For a limited time only, GTA industrial facility owners can enjoy enormous rebates when they use natural gas heating systems and add equipment in their facility to reduce their carbon emissions. These rebates are made available by Enbridge / Union Gas. Air Curtains, HVLS Fans, High-Speed Doors or Door Seal/shelter upgrades, will all provide you will rebates paid directly back to you, as well as instant savings that provide a fast ROI; not forgetting a comfortable facility for clients and employees alike.

Enbridge Fixed Incentive Program 

When you install certain products – air doors and destratification fans – in your commercial/industrial facility, you will receive great incentives that pay for the costs of this equipment so that you don’t have to. Not only will you be doing your part for the planet, but you will also be saving tenfold – a win-win!

Ready to EARN Instead of Spend?

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