Looking to improve your facility’s heating system and energy efficiency before the cold weather hits?  A simple and cost-effective way to do that is by installing an air barrier. 

Air barriers are installed on the inside of doors, and provide an invisible barrier of air between the outdoors and the indoors.  This barrier protects the interior of the building from weather and other outdoor elements that should stay  outside.  Continue reading to find out why air barriers from Enershield are the most efficient product to install to improve your facility’s heating system and personal comfort. enershield-industrial-air-barriers

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How Air Barriers Differ From Air Curtains

Both curtains and barriers are used to maintain temperature control inside buildings, as well as help to save energy and keep heating cost down.  So what is the difference between the two? Well, air barriers are a type of air curtain, but they are Enershield’s own patented and improved design for keeping outside elements out and maintaining the temperature inside industrial buildings.

Unlike other designs, the Enershield air barrier is the only one that provides up to 90% protection from outside elements.  Enershield air barrier also uses re-circulated facility air, keeping it energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Benefits of Air Barriers

Not only do Enershield Air Barriers provide up to 90% protection, but there are many other benefits to choosing this product. This includes:

Top End Motors: Enershield air barrier have top end motors that are more rigid, which reduces vibrations, and keeps the air barrier from overheating or operating noisily. This also helps to extend the life of the product.

Fans: The top end fans in air barriers are galvanized, meaning they are coated in a protected layer of either steel or iron. Other brands do not do this with their fans, making Enershield’s more durable.

Steel Construction: Enershield air barriers are made from heavy-duty steel, making them stronger, and keeps them protected from damage, helping to extend the life of the product.

RPM: the Enershield air barriers operate up to 2500 rpm, while most competitors only have 1500 rpm max. This allows more consistent airflow while still only working at 60% capacity, which helps extend the life of the air barrier.

Telescopic Sliders: Enershield air barriers are installed using telescopic sliders, which makes them easy to install, easy to relocate, and more cost effective.

Acoustic Insulation: These air barriers have acoustic insulation, which means that they are designed to operate more quietly than any competing model.

Looking to install Enershield Air Barriers to improve the energy efficiency of your facility? Call NEX Industrial today at 1- 866-400-2050 and set up an appointment.