Are you sick and tired of having to open and close your overhead doors manually? NEX Industrial has the solution for you!  We can easily add an automatic operator to your manual overhead doors in Etobicoke and other cities across the GTA. How can adding an automatic operating system improve the doors and process at your facility?  The answer is… in several ways!  Read on to learn more. 


Improved Safety & Precautions: One of the many benefits of installing an automatic operator for your overhead doors is that it has safety devices, such as sensors to prevent the doors from hitting any people or objects.

Prevent Drifting: Adding an automatic operator can help prevent the doors from drifting down, as this can cause wear and tear on the door, constant damage, not to mention continuous aggravation.  

Different Ways of Operating: You can open your overhead doors automatically and quickly by various means, such as a remote, sensors, or even through a smartphone.

Better Security: You can easily secure your facility without needing to go around and ensure manual locks have been activated.  With the touch of a button, the automatic-operating system will do it for you, providing better security for you and your employees.

Improved Productivity: By adding automatic-operators to your overhead doors, you can add both speed and efficiency to your day-to-day operations and overall productivity.  This is because you don’t have to stop production to manually open your facility’s doors, but rather touch a button and the doors open at a quick, safe speeds.

Various Options: You can select your automated solution to meet the needs of your facility with various options to that can be changed to suit your needs; this includes speed, safety, space, and budget.

Energy Rebates: Your gas provider is offering rebates for automating your doors.  We can manage the assessment amount for you.

Interested in updating your overhead doors in Etobicoke with automatic-operators? Give NEX a call at 866-400-2050 to assess your current doors and provide you with a no-obligation solution!