Nex Industrial installs, maintains and repairs bug doors in Toronto and the GTA.  One of our clients had an issue; their employees really enjoy having their sectional doors open this time of year, but they didn’t enjoy having the unwanted guest that came through the open doors. They didn’t want to go through another spring and summer having bugs, birds and other contaminants enter their warehouse facility.  So, just in time for the season, Nex provided a great solution: a new bug screen door.

We provided them with commercial bug-screen doors, that work in-line with their existing sectional overhead doors.  These doors are perfect not just for keeping out pests and contaminants, but letting fresh air in. They also help to improve the ventilation in the facility, keeping employees cool and comfortable.

Bug screen doors are easily installed on existing dock doors, drive-in doors, dumpster areas, pedestrian doors and more.  These screens also have a smooth operation, being able to glide up and out of the way just like a solid door.  A bug screen overhead door is an environmentally friendly, non-chemical, pest control barrier-solution that ventilates your facility with outside air, helping to minimize fumes, odors, and vapors.  Plus, with our bi-annual preventative maintenance inspections and 24/7 customer service, you can rest easy knowing your investment is always well looked after.

For a similar solution for your facility, give us a call at 1-866-400-2050, and we can discuss customized options today.