Hi-Speed Vinyl Doors (TNR)When you’re dreaming up designs to make your business more efficient, door quality and functionality is often overlooked.  While installing new high speed doors may not elicit the same reaction as a new high-tech computer system or piece of gadgetry, they’re arguably the most important piece of equipment in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, car manufacturing, chemical production, and supermarket sectors, so they can be for your business.

Today, the NEX team describes 5 ways that high speed doors can improve the efficiency, profitability, and logistic processes of your business.  Read on to learn how your company can benefit from high speed doors!

Key Advantages of High Speed Doors

Better Quality, Longer Lifespan

High speed doors are constructed to suit your requirement, made with durable materials to withstand numerous daily operations without suffering sufficient wear and tear.

Aluminum is a light yet strong metal allowing for many different uses with minimal wear.

Vinyl is a form of durable plastic that is resistant to moisture and humidity.

High speed industrial doors aid in reducing noise and odour pollutants or contaminants.  Noise pollution is a safety hazard for hearing loss and may cause distractions; the quick pace of high speed doors lessens the amount of unwanted noise from entering the premises, providing a safer work environment.

Food and agriculture industries benefit from high-speed doors because of their ability to reduce or prevent unpleasant odours and/or contaminates from entering the premises.

Reduction of Contamination

The speed of the doors do not allow for much air exchange between the inside and outside environments which prevents your work space from being exposed to dust or dirt from the outside environment.  In addition to reducing contamination and air pollution.

Maintain Temperature Control

Precise temperature control is required for several industries.  For example, food production industries need to abide by and maintain precise temperatures to keep product fresh.  High speed doors help maintain temperature control by minimizing the infiltration of outdoor air.

Save on Energy!

High speed doors can reduce the amount of air that is transferred from the inside environment to outside and vice versa.  This can decrease the need for central heating and air conditioning, therefore reducing energy costs.

These doors can provide the security and insulation value of a regular sectional garage door, plus adding speed to maximize these efficiencies.

Commonly used aluminum and vinyl high speed doors are great for the environment as both materials are recyclable.

We can easily calculate your Return On Investment (ROI) and the additional benefits to your business.

Employee Comfort

Add this to your ROI…..

High speed doors are especially beneficial for employees having to work near or around doorways that are constantly opening & closing, therefore changing temperatures and comfort drastically.  Provide them with a work-area that maintains a comfortable temperature.


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