Does your facility need a unique security solution that doesn’t compromise the professional appearance of your storefront? Rolling shutters are a suitable solution for your security requirements, without compromising your store’s aesthetic. Sporting an inconspicuous design, rolling shutters not only help to maintain your business’ current aesthetic, but these also help to provide a solid barrier against outdoor elements, thefts, and vandals. Ideal for applications in concession stands, kiosks, service counters, storage areas and more, rolling shutters can help enhance the security and privacy of your facility without breaking the bank.

At NEX, we proudly carry an impressive range of security solutions including rolling shutters for businesses in the GTA. If your business needs a complete and affordable security solution to help prevent theft and vandalism from happening on your property, consider investing in rolling shutters.

To learn more about the benefits and features of rolling shutters, keep reading:

Helps Enhance Security

One of the biggest benefits associated with rolling shutters is security. Unfortunately, simply locking the windows and doors to your facility is no longer enough to stop criminals from breaking and entering into your property nowadays. In fact, windows could attract thieves and vandals, making your business a target.

As a result, your business should be proactive by installing rolling shutters which can be utilized after business hours. Made with durable, high quality materials, rolling shutters are not only harder to break into than windows, they also aid in keeping expensive merchandise out of sight. As the old saying goes: “out of sight, out of mind”; if thieves can’t see it, they can’t steal it. Ensure that your business sufficiently protected–even when you aren’t there– by installing rolling shutters.

Provides Adequate Privacy

If your business operates out of a kiosk or service counter, it is likely that you have a cash register on site. This means that your staff requires adequate privacy and security when cashing out for the day. Rather than simply emptying the cash register and accounting for the day’s profits in plain sight–where criminals can easily watch and target your employees or your business– rolling shutters can provide your business with the privacy it needs to complete sensitive tasks as such. Remember, lack of privacy can lead to theft and/or robberies. Be proactive about your business and deter criminal activity from happening on your property by installing rolling shutters.

Rolling Shutters are Inconspicuous

Not only can rolling shutters provide excellent security and privacy to your business, it does so without compromising the overall look or aesthetic of your storefront. Thanks to their complex coil mechanism, rolling shutters are inconspicuous and can be rolled up when not in use, making it a convenient and space-saving security solution unlike any other.

Additionally, rolling shutters come in a variety of finishes to ensure that your business looks as good with the rolling shutters, as it does without. At Nex, we carry an impressive variety of rolling shutters in different finishes (including wood, aluminum, steel, stainless steel and perforated rolling shutters) to ensure that your security solution blends right in and meets your unique needs and expectations flawlessly.

Looking to enhance security measures in your facility with rolling shutters? Give our team in GTA a call at 1-866-400-2050 to discuss your options or to place an order.