High Speed Doors Toronto Installation, Repair & Service

High-speed doors play a pivotal role in maintaining smooth business operations by facilitating rapid movement of goods and personnel while increasing security and conserving energy. While choosing an appropriate high-speed door may seem overwhelming, our team at NEX Industrial is here to help. From selecting the right High Speed Door for your Toronto facility, to […]

Automatic Sliding Doors GTA | Choose the Right Automatic Sliding Door for Your GTA Business

automatic sliding doors gta

Businesses operating in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) must continually seek innovative ways to enhance operations, customer experience and security. One such innovation that has gained increasing traction across different business sectors–from retail stores to corporate offices–is the installation of automatic sliding doors. Not only do these doors add aesthetics and convenience but also functionality […]

Bug Screens Etobicoke | Prepare For The Coming Summer With Bug Screen Doors

Summer brings both warm temperatures and sunshine, but also some unwanted visitors like bugs that can interfere with industrial workspace. To combat this issue, installing bug screen doors at Toronto or Etobicoke facilities could make an enormous difference in workplace comfort and productivity. Allowing natural daylight into a workplace has long been associated with increased […]

Automatic Swing Doors GTA | Enhancing Accessibility in Businesses with Automatic Swing Doors

automatic swing doors gta

In the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), integrating automatic swing doors offers a practical solution to enhancing accessibility across commercial spaces. This move towards inclusivity is not merely about adhering to legal standards; it’s a proactive step towards universal design, ensuring public spaces are navigable and enjoyable for everyone, irrespective of physical abilities. Automatic swing doors […]

High Speed Doors Toronto | Selecting the Perfect High Speed Door for Your Business Needs

High Speed Doors Toronto

  In the fast-paced world of business, efficiency and security are paramount. High speed doors Toronto play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of various industrial and commercial environments. They facilitate rapid movement of goods and personnel and contribute significantly to energy savings and enhanced security. Finding the ideal high speed door can […]

Nex Industrial’s Latest Automated Gate Project | Elevating Security and Style

automated gate and perimeter fencing

Nex Industrial has once again demonstrated our expertise through the completion of an exceptional automated gate and perimeter fencing project in stunning black. Thanks to our team’s hard work and skill, our system secures our client’s property and enhances its aesthetic appeal. This project showcases our commitment to combining advanced security solutions with elegant design […]

Safeguard® Hi-Traction® anti-slip Safety | Reduce Slip & Fall Accidents in Your Warehouse

safeguard hi-traction anti-slip safety

For warehouses and industrial settings in Greater Toronto Area, ensuring the safety of employees and efficiency of operations is paramount. As an exclusive distributor of Safeguard products, NEX Industrial is committed to enhancing workplace safety with top-of-the-line Safeguard® Hi-Traction® anti-slip solutions. With Safeguard’s longstanding history since 1992 of manufacturing custom anti-slip covers in the USA, […]

Access Sliding Doors | Installation Services In The GTA

Access Sliding Doors

  Businesses across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are always searching for innovative methods to increase operational efficiency and security, and access sliding doors are an integral component of this pursuit. At NEX Industrial, we provide top-tier access sliding doors featuring modern design elements like sleekness and robust security; their seamless integration satisfies a range […]

Automatic Swing Doors | Elevating Efficiency and Security in GTA Businesses

Automatic Swing Doors GTA

Greater Toronto Area (GTA) businesses of various industries require entrances that are secure yet easily accessible.  NEX Industrial provides entrance solutions that combine sleekness with accessibility for optimal efficiency and security. Automatic swing doors have become a highly-prized entrance solution due to their perfect blend of functionality and design – at NEX Industrial, our automatic […]