Why You Should Consider A Preventive Maintenance Plan for Your Overhead Doors & Dock Equipment.

Dock equipment, such as loading dock levelers, dock seals, and dock shelters, are essential for the efficient operation of any warehouse or distribution center. However, like all mechanical equipment, dock equipment requires regular maintenance in order to function properly and avoid costly breakdowns. At Nex Industrial, we offer preventative maintenance inspections that are aimed to […]

A Very Merry Christmas from our team to yours

Since 2004, NEX Industrial has been a proud Toronto-based company that offers reliability and quality. We hold ourselves accountable to our clients by providing superior products, and outstanding workmanship, and ensuring they are completely satisfied. As always our team at NEX Industrial are fully committed to serving your business in a timely manner. To this […]

Why You Need Pest Control Products In Your Warehouse

pest control industrial products

Tired of Pest infestations? It’s something you’ve had to put up with as an industrial or commercial facility owner. It’s time to find an affordable, efficient and high-quality solution to curb your pest problem once and for all. When talking about rodent management and pest control, it is crucial to invest in the right pest […]

Dueling Conversions

A huge thank you to 3 of our Technicians…. 2 of our senior Dock Technicians who worked side by side converting 16 mechanical dock levelers to hydraulic, finished off by 1 of our long-standing electricians connecting them in record time. This was only complimented by a very happy client on the other end!! Thanks to […]

High-Speed Doors: Parking Garage, Freezers, Pharmaceutical, Food Grade | Fire-Resistant Doors GTA

Regardless of the season, high-speed commercial doors will help facility managers control internal and external conditions. We have expertly served clients in the GTA and surrounding areas to improve their productivity and process.  Nex Industrial installs high-speed doors that improve operational efficiency all-year-round, optimizing your facility’s proficiency.  Available Gas Rebates By implementing energy-saving measures to […]