In terms of security, the location of your storefront doesn’t matter; whether you are located on a busy street or inside a quiet shopping mall, protecting your investment is a top priority.  Rolling commercial security gates serve to keep your products and employees from potential intruders after-hours or for specific areas anytime of day.  Does your storefront require high-quality security gates?  If you value your products and employees, the answer is an easy yes!  Read about store from security gates on our NEX blog below!

Why Retail Stores Need More Security

Storefront breakin-ins, including the “smash and grab” variety of crime, have been on the rise in the last decade across the GTA.  If your retail store is in a low-traffic area or high traffic strip-mall, you are at risk for theft.  A rolling security gate will initially serve as a visible deterrent to prevent even a window from being broken and definitely help to prevent anyone from entering completely.

“Security gates are an eyesore!”

We’ve heard this one before, and it always comes from clients who have not seen modern-day security gates / grills.  New high quality  grills will fold-away, out-of-site, in walls, ceilings and cabinets, during operational hours.  At night, they will easily roll out to secure your entire store from intruders.

Insurance Benefits

You might think that upgrading your security system will be costly, but you will eventually save money in the long run.  Not only are you saving by deterring theft in your store, you can also benefit from insurance discounts.  Many security gates qualify for insurance reductions, as the insurance company will deem your store less likely to be subject to loss and damages.  Contact a NEX representative to discuss your options.

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