Looking for a way to upgrade the security of your warehouse? Electrically-powered industrial gates not only allow for fast entry and exit to your warehouse, but they are easy to use, customizable, long-lasting and are affordable to install.

Security Gate & Fencing

NEX Industrial offers many industrial gate products that can be custom designed to suit your business’ needs. We also offer bi-annual preventative maintenance inspections to spot potential issues before they become a problem, and 24/7 service in the event you have an unexpected issue with your gates.

Benefits of Installing Automated Gate Systems

Safety: If you’re looking to keep personnel from a restricted area and want to protect your commercial property, automated gates are a reliable security solution. Automated gates provide 24/7 security to your business, ensuring that your property is protected, regardless if there are workers on site or not.

Customizable: Many companies also choose automated gates because they are highly customizable. Would you prefer your gate to lift up or swing open? Are you looking for a remote operation or a password or mobile phone to enter the property? When you choose automated gates for your property, you can easily customize your gates to fit your business’ needs.

Budget: Many business owners or property managers believe that installing electronic gates is expensive, but they can actually be very affordable to install. They do not require much maintenance, either; getting them checked twice a year a year for any issues should be more than enough to keep them in tip-top shape.  There are flexible leasing options as well.

Durability: There are various options to suit your volume of traffic, number of shifts and withstand regular  wear-and-tear or extreme weather conditions. Modern electronic gates and operators are built to withstand your environment. 

Why Schedule a Preventative Maintenance Inspection?

While automated gates are built for durability, our Canadian weather can be extreme, making the need to lubricate specific components necessary, and it is important to make sure that they get checked for any potential damages. Scheduling a preventative maintenance inspection can help you identify any issues with your gates. This inspection looks at the environment around your gates to make sure that they are clear of any obstructions and make any adjustments to ensure proper operation. The inspection takes a look at the moving components of your gate to find any loose or damaged parts that can make your gate unsafe to use.

Interested in installing an automated gate system for your business? Give NEX Industrial a call at 1- 866-400-2050 today! We’re available 24/7!