As businesses slowly re-open, health protocol is stricter than ever, calling for high-quality commercial and industrial COVID-19 safety products. To help curb the spread of the pandemic, it is highly important as a business owner to do everything you can to protect the health of the people on your premises. 

We are here to make your job much easier!

NEX Industrial offers durable and trusted COVID 19 industrial safety products in the GTA ranging from automatic door sensors to protective acrylic barrier shields to protect you, your customers, and your employees. It’s business as usual, with an added layer of security!

Stay Compliant With Mandatory COVID-19 Guidelines

Some of the major health guidelines for businesses include implementing social distancing markers, limiting the number of people in the main lobby, making sanitizer dispensing machines available for use, equipping yourself and your staff with medical-grade PPE and sterilizing all surfaces at regular intervals. 

Apart from these safety norms, as an added protective mechanism, barrier shields and touchless door sensors are strongly recommended. 

Small additions like this can make employees feel safer and could even be the reason why a customer chooses your business over another. 

Automatic Touchless Door Sensors

Minimizing physical contact with public surfaces is one of the most important functions that require your immediate attention. Doors and door handles specifically witness the most contact in areas like retail stores and other similar fast-paced environments. 

Automatic touchless door sensors are the solution.

Door sensors are purpose-built and detect any moving objects in close proximity whether it be a hand, wheelchair, cart, or glove. 

Because of their design and manufacturing excellence, Automatic Door Sensors can withstand the rigours of any business looking for highly accessible and germ-free access.

Protective Barrier Shields

Social distancing is not always possible. A protective barrier shield prevents airborne germs from spreading across your facility, potentially endangering the health of everyone there. 

These guards are made of strong, clear acrylic materials, allowing for both customers and employees to feel protected without losing that personal touch. Protective barriers are fully customizable to suit your needs and that of your business. 

They are a great fit for many applications and situations like assembly lines, medical facilities, pharmacies, retail, concierge desks, ATMs, restaurant counters, and more.

Don’t Let COVID-19 Hold Back Your Business

Invest in the Right COVID-19 Industrial Safety Products

It’s time to re-open with smart and strategic measures in place. 

Our COVID-19 safety products conform to the highest industrial and safety standards, having been rigorously tested to ensure uninterrupted performance – even in high-demand areas!

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