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Rebates for Businesses

Gas Rebates, GTA

Rebates are Here in the GTA with up to $1,800 per door!

Industrial / Commercial companies in the GTA can benefit from thousands of dollars in rebates used on installations and repairs of existing infrastructure.

Are you looking to improve your facility’s energy efficiency and save on expenses?
Upgrading your equipment will save you initially with rebates and long-term with efficiencies (offer valid in the GTA)

By upgrading equipment in your facility, or switching over to natural gas heating systems, your business is eligible for a variety of rebates offered by Union Gas and Enbridge.
How can you take advantage of these incentives? Keep reading or call the team at NEX Industrial at 1 866-400- 2050 for more information.

Enbridge Gas Commercial Rebates, GTA Gas Rebates

There are several ways you can save with these rebates. One significant way is by installing air curtains or air barriers, you can save both money and energy even when the doors are open.

Air curtains deliver a controlled stream of air that separates the indoor and outdoor environment. Air barriers help to reduce the infiltration of outside air through doorways, significantly reducing natural gas heating in winter and air-conditioning in summer.

When you install air curtains or barriers, your gas provider will send you a check paid directly to your company. Plus, NEX Industrial will provide you with your estimated return on investment (ROI).

Air Barriers can be installed on any type of door, from pedestrian doors up to drive-in doors, the bigger the door, the bigger the incentive can become. Plus, you reap the benefits of greater comfort and monthly utility savings for years to come!

Commercial / Industrial new construction & existing buildings

By installing air barriers over your industrial doors you can get rebates up to the following:

$300 per single door 7′ x 3′
$400 per single door 7′ x 6′
$500 per single door 8′ x 6′
$400 per double door (2) 7′ x 3′
$600 per double door (2) 7′ x 6′
$800 per double door (2) 8′ x 6 ′
$1,200 $3,250 per door 8′ x 8′
$1,200 $3,250 per door 8′ x 10′
$1,800 $4,000 per door 10′ x 10′
$4,000 10’ x 10’
$6,750 12’ x 12’
$8,750 14’ x 14’, 16’ x 16’,
18’ x 18’, 20’ x 20’,

Custom Incentives

By implementing or upgrading to any number of energy-saving measures you could receive a cash incentive for the gas you save. Enbridge has started a new incentive structure, where the more you save, the bigger the rebate you earn!

Note: This a one-time incentive that is calculated based on your projected first year's natural gas savings and will be remitted upon project completion.

Fixed Incentives – Retrofit and New Construction

Upgrading your building by investing inefficient equipment and heating systems can pay off in long-term environmental and financial benefits. And if you’re improving an existing building or constructing a new building, you may be eligible for one of our fixed incentives.

Other types of upgrades that can also apply for incentives:

  • Truck seals/shelters (especially covering the gap in the trailer’ door hinges)
  • Reducing major gaps around dock levellers & lifts
  • Overhead doors of all types (sectional, rolling steel), for improving the insulation and energy loss factors)

Dock Door Seals (DDS)

New offer for shipping and receiving door
Compression seals 8′ x 8′, 8′ x 9′, 8′ x 10’ $950

Shelter seals 10′ x 10’ $1,650

Interested in any of these rebates?

We’ll show you how simple it is to take advantage of these incentives!

Upgrade Now, SAVE Big!

EARN Up to 5x More with Enbridge by Using Energy-Efficient Systems

Sky-high utility bills getting the best of you?
If you are tired of splurging on an enormous energy bill every month, it’s time to turn the tables. Why not EARN instead? All you have to do is upgrade your energy-intensive appliances to environment-friendly solutions.

The Benefits

  • Earn up to 5x more
  • Access new and increased dollar incentives
  • Drastically reduce your operational costs and energy bills
  • Receive a check directly from Enbridge – no hidden TOCs!
  • Breeze through a quick and easy application process
  • Have a NEX consultant worry about the paperwork for you
  • Enjoy reduced insurance premiums by using energy-efficient systems
  • Create a safe and healthy environment for your facility’s occupants

Tell Me About the Fixed Incentive Program and What it Does For Me

Fixed Incentives for Energy Efficient Equipment and Appliances by Enbridge is a smart savings rebate program that lets you earn up to 5x more. When you install specific products (air doors and destratification fans) in your industrial or commercial facility, not only are you pruning your carbon emissions, you are also elevating your facility’s bottom line. Whether yours is a new or existing building, these incentives will pay for the costs of installing energy-efficient natural gas equipment so that you don’t have to!

The benefits of availing of these rebates are manifold. Not only are you doing your part for the planet, you are also significantly reducing the operating costs of your facility. A win-win!

How Do I Apply for This Incentive?

Great news! The application process is quick and easy and you can start right now.

Step #1 - You Detail Your Project in an Application Form

To help us understand the nuances of your project so that we can guide you better, you will first have to complete an application form. The form requires you to detail the nature of your operations as well as the description of the technology you want to replace. Here, you can also request a free site walk-through. Incentives are made available to those applicants who fit the eligibility criteria of the program and replace their energy-draining equipment with high-efficiency systems.

Step #2 - We Identify Energy-Savings Opportunities on Your Site

To help enhance your application, NEX is committed to assisting you through the process from start to finish. You will be assigned a designed consultant to your case who identifies those energy-draining appliances in your facility that qualify for the rebate.
Here, you are alerted of the red flags that hike up your energy bill and are quietly draining your finances without you even realizing. Your consultant will also submit all the necessary documents to Enbridge on your behalf at no added cost.

Step #3 - We Inform You of the Rebates You Qualify For

Your NEX consultant will proceed to inform you of the rebates that you qualify for. You may not match the eligibility criteria of the Fixed Incentives for Energy Efficient Equipment and Appliances. Don’t despair! If your building requires energy-efficient upgrades that are not covered by this rebate program, you may well qualify for Enbridge’s Custom Retrofit Incentive. This program lets you earn up to 50% of the project costs to the extent of $100,000 per project!

On the other hand, if you do qualify for the Fixed Incentives, the consultant recommends air doors and destratification fans upgrades that save on natural gas.

Step #4 - You Install the Equipment and Enjoy Huge Savings!

If you choose to follow through with your consultant’s recommendations and install high-efficiency systems, you will receive a check - from Enbridge to you - no catch or hidden TOCs. This helps you save thousands upon thousands of dollars in rebates - making it the most generous energy-savings rebate program in the country.

Ready to EARN BIG With Enbridge?

Your personal NEX consultant will be happy to assist you with the application process.
There are plenty of energy savings rebate opportunities for you to enjoy.

Call +1 866 400 2050 to find out what they are!

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