It’s summer! That means deliciously warm breezes, bright sunshine, and some not-so-welcome-visitors; bugs! So how do you keep your industrial premises bug-free this summer? It’s easier than you realize. We reveal more below!

Studies have shown that natural daylight greatly improves productivity and emotional wellness. Keeping the doors open so as to let sunlight flood through is a common practice in many work environments. Perhaps, the only drawback is that insects and other pests will then have unrestricted access into your enclosures. 

Apart from being an obvious nuisance, insects also pose health and safety risks to the occupants. They can impede the quality of your operations and disrupt traffic in the workspace. 

The solution? Investing in quality bug screen doors for your Toronto or Etobicoke premises will reap tremendous benefits in the long run. 

Let’s touch upon the basics first, namely; what are bug screen doors? These are screened barriers that prevent bugs, airborne seeds, leaves, rodents, and birds from entering your facility. Moreover, these barriers allow natural daylight and air to flow freely into the premises, thus enhancing employee comfort and productivity. 

Bug Screen Doors are all the more pertinent if you own food packaging, processing, and manufacturing facilities, as hygiene in these locations is absolutely crucial, but unwanted pests are an issue in any business.  You can install a bug screen door at key entry and exit points; like loading dock doors, dumpster zones, and even larger drive-in doors, and keep your interior pest free. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest benefits these doors have to offer. 

Improves Indoor Air Quality and Circulation

With bug screen doors installed at key entry and exit points in your facility, your employees will have the luxury of fresh air and natural daylight. This circulation and increased ventilation boost morale and cultivate a productive environment. Over and above this, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) is improved significantly by the fresh air coming through. 

Saves Energy and Reduces Harmful Emissions

Bug screens are constructed with materials that offer immense solar control. This means you won’t have to squander large sums of money this summer making up for the leakage of conditioned air from your facility. Your A/C won’t have to work overtime to cool down the interiors. The bottom line? Amazing energy savings are within your grasp!

Deters Intruders

Bug screens don’t simply deter bugs but also prevent human intruders from unauthorized access in your facility. These doors can hold their own under the tremendous impact, not to mention forced entry or vehicular collisions. 

Useful for a Wide Range of Applications

Bug screen barriers are highly recommended for industrial and manufacturing plants that deal with food, beverages, chemicals, and drugs, given the sensitive nature of these items. 

However, these doors are also hugely beneficial in other applications like automation, medical and military units, electronic assembly plants, oil, and gas rigs, and similar industries owing to how economically viable they are! 

Visually Complements Your Facility’s Ambiance

Form and function go hand in hand. When in the market for bug screen doors, we can’t ignore the fact that you’re also likely looking for attractive designs that suit the tone of your premises. At NEX, we offer a wide array of materials, designs and colour options, thus allowing you to customize your choices. All in all, you can greatly complement your building by achieving a certain tone or ambiance with your screens. 

Only the Highest Quality

How can you be so sure that your door is in top-notch condition? Rest assured that when you shop at NEX, you receive products that have been tested against the most stringent industry parameters to check for strength, durability, safety, and function. The final product is amazingly resilient and maintains its integrity in the harshest of environments. 

No More Bugs – Just the Benefits!

NEX Industrial strives to protect you from those annoying pests. With our highly reinforced bug screen doors, you will not only succeed at deterring bugs but increase your overall workplace environment.

Contact us today and learn how we can protect your premises this summer!