You and your employees all deserve a safe place to work in, otherwise, productivity and employer-employee relations all take a hit. By safeguarding your employees you are creating a much happier and healthier workspace. An industrial facility has many hazards scattered all around, but we have the products to ensure that your employees can work without worry!


Why are anti-slip ladder rung covers important?

Ladder rungs are one of the most dangerous places in an industrial setting. Given the small foot surface area, there isn’t much room for a person to quickly regain their footing. An anti-slip cover offers firm-footed traction even in the harshest indoor and outdoor environments.

Slip-and-fall accidents are prominent in power generation facilities, especially on ladders. In the past, temporary tapes were the only solution to prevent injuries that occur as a result of slick rungs. However, even these had a limited shelf-life and had to be replaced 2-3 times in a 5 year period.

The biggest benefit of using ladder rung covers, especially from a trusted supplier like Safeguard®, is that these are permanent. After installation, there is no need for upkeep, meaning that no one is required to scrape off and replace worn-out material.


The Biggest Benefits of Anti-Slip Covers


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