Do you know that the pedestrian door of your establishment in Vaughan is the first impression the customers will have about your business in their subconscious mind?

If the entrance door operates smoothly, being made of a high quality material with solid framing, it will most probably go unnoticed, which ultimately is a good news for you. On the flip side, if this door shakes the wall when it closes, not to mention the discolored or faded look, it can lead to a negative first impression which will stay with customers for a long time. Now you don’t want to miss out on a good bunch of potential clients that could eventually bring you a continuous flow of revenue stream, just because you failed to install a good quality pedestrian door that costs a lot lower comparatively.

Materials for pedestrian doors

First impressions are crucial for the success of any business, and that’s why it would be a prudent decision to invest in sturdy pedestrian doors that can deliver superior functionality and look elegant and modern at the same time. Nex Industrial specializes in installing and servicing a range of pedestrian doors for light to heavy duty industrial and commercial settings in Vaughan. The key options include glass aluminium doors and metal hollow doors – each having its own unique set of benefits that make them the right fit for specific applications.

Aluminum doors: Thanks to its endless strength and robustness, Aluminium has become a metal of choice among modern commercial establishments when it comes to doors. It is exceptionally strong; products made from aluminum usually last for decades, often outliving similar products constructed from other materials. Aluminium door will blend seamlessly with the existing structure, adding a more luxurious touch to the building, instead of giving an impression of an out-of-place structure which is often the case with other materials.

Resistance to aggressive climatic conditions is something which must be on the top of your list when looking for the best pedestrian door material. Aluminium has proven to withstand extreme temperature conditions successfully, without any signs of wear and tear. So no matter where you have set up your business, be it in a coastal region or near the desert, aluminum doors will stand strong despite the extremity of weather conditions.

No maintenance is needed with aluminum doors as the metal resists rust. This property makes aluminum doors the best option in coastal regions where salty air is pervasive, causing most metallic products to rust. To avoid such damages, it is good to coat the doors with a rust-resistant powder coated finish.

Main types of pedestrian doors

Every commercial setting is different in terms of space, amount of foot traffic per day and overall size. You want to ensure for your customers a secure, convenient and efficient access of your facility so that they leave the building with a positive feeling. That being said, you can choose from different designs of pedestrian doors as per your preferences, such as sliding, folding and swinging doors.

For two-way traffic situations where the entry and exit points are the same, sliding door can make a good option. Commonly installed in retail grocery stores, these doors however require more side room to operate efficiently. In situations where space is a constraint, folding doors can prove a much better choice as they fold into themselves when opened, and do not require much side room to function unlike sliding doors. Another pedestrian design that has drawn a lot of attention recently due to its modern look is swinging doors system that allows for a better flow of two-way traffic. Mostly seen as a two door solution, one for entry and another for exit, swinging doors have proven quite efficient in guiding people in and out of establishment. Both doors are labeled to clearly specify to pedestrians which door is for which direction so that safety related hazards can be avoided.  

Choose the right contractor for your pedestrian doors installation in Vaughan

Hiring a contractor who doesn’t possess much experience in pedestrian door installation will only lead to poor quality of work, requiring you to invest into repair sooner than expected. So, it’s recommended that you choose someone who has relevant experience supplying, installing and servicing doors. That’s where Nex Industrial comes in. Leveraging the extensive experience of its fully-skilled team, Nex Industrial works with you at each step to ensure a smooth door installation experience. Being a proud member of Canadian Door Institute, we can also help you earn a certain amount of rebates and grants for doors.

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