With the fall breeze quickly turning into biting winter cold, this period of transition is prime for rethinking energy efficiency at your facility, starting with the industrial doors you rely on for seamless entry and exit. How fast your industrial doors can quickly open and close can help reduce energy loss, such as valuable heating in these cold months. But apart from that built-in mechanism, you can also add a layer of energy efficiency in your industrial doors by installing door shelters before winter hits.

Here are the top reasons why you need to proactively install door shelters, so your facility can save on energy costs early on, while preventing temperature fluctuations and possible damage to products and equipment:

Canadian Winters

One of the harshest winters around the globe, Canada’s winters start early and last long, so the earlier you have door shelters installed, the better it is for your facility. By having these installed early on, you can ensure that Toronto’s icy temperatures do not not seep into your building.

Avoid the Rush

A common occurrence among industrial facility owners or managers is waiting until the winter sets in before having damaged door shelters repaired or replaced. Leaving the repair or installation of door shelters at the last minute not only can cause significant heating and productivity loss, but can also cause your facility’s energy bills to hike, since you will have to turn on the heat just to maintain comfortable temperatures.

A Shelter for Every Application

At NEX, we supply, install, and maintain various styles of door shelters, each suited to specific types of industrial doors. These include:

Energy Rebates

Your natural gas provider offers immediate cash and discounted rates for upgrades in energy efficiencies.  By simply adding weather seals, shelters, insulated doors and similar products, you could be eligible to these instantly.  Let Nex show you how.

Added Aesthetic Appeal

As a bonus, properly installed and maintained shelters on industrial doors have aesthetic perks as well. These provide a good visual curb-appeal to your facility, which can largely benefit your business overall, in terms of customer satisfaction and a guarantee that despite harsh weather conditions outside, your facility remains safe and suitable for operations.

Can your facility’s industrial doors withstand the winter in Toronto? Fit them with energy-saving protection by repairing, installing, and maintaining door shelters before the cold hits. Get in touch with us at 866-400-2050 today!