Security systems are put in place for multiple reasons; they help to protect your property, your employees, and your equipment from unwanted intruders.  They also keep pedestrians safe by creating a barrier between them, and any dangerous areas.


Nex Industrial offers a variety of security solutions and services in the GTA to cater to different businesses.  Keep reading for a quick guide on some of our systems.  You can find more information and learn about our other security solutions here.

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Security Solutions

Making sure that you have proper security measures in place is beneficial for multiple reasons.  For one, it keeps unwanted visitors out of dangerous areas, away from equipment, or even off the property altogether. This helps to ensure the safety of all and prevents damage to your equipment or property.  Implementing security measures can also assist in controlling the flow of traffic in certain areas.  Here are a few of the security options available from Nex:

Access Controls: these systems are designed to restrict access to certain areas.  Access is usually given to personnel along with a password, PIN code, biometric scans, or physical keys to gain entrance.

Barrier Systems: the most common form of barrier systems for industrial use are security arms, usually found in parking lots.  These will help control the flow of traffic, and can automatically restrict entrance to only authorized personnel.

Folding Security Gates: these gates are used in multiple settings ranging from warehouses to shopping malls. This type of gate can be pushed to one side to allow easy access to an area and then pulled out to block that area.

Gate Systems: from manual to electric systems, gate systems are useful to control access to your loading dock areas for both transport trucks and pedestrians.

Security Mesh: these steel doors are made of overlapping metal wire to create an effective barrier.  Security mesh doors offer a simple yet effective solution for storing equipment, parts or specific areas, and can be made in different sizes to accommodate your space.

Security Cameras and Monitoring:  in addition to the above-noted security equipment are security cameras to oversee all activity throughout your facility.  This technology offers simple installations, software integration, high-definition, closed-circuit cameras, that provide quick and easy visible audits via your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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