Fire safety is an important aspect of all workplaces, but even more so if you own an industrial or commercial building. There are strict regulations in place that you must follow regarding fire safety and prevention. One of the best ways you can protect your complex and your employees is through the installation of fire doors.

NEX Industrial is an GTA-based provider of industrial fire resistant doors, high-speed doors in Toronto and loading dock equipment. We understand your business’s need for high-quality safety solutions. We strive to provide superior products and outstanding workmanship. Safety is our top priority, both in our products and our installations.

Let’s have a closer look at fire doors and how they can help your business.

Overview of Industrial Fire Resistant Doors

What is a fire rated door? Industrial-grade fire doors are specially designed to withstand high temperatures from fire for specific period of time, preventing the fire from spreading to other areas, therefore preventing further loss and damages.

They are used to prevent the spread of fire and smoke between compartmentalized areas, providing time for fire-fighting measures to be deployed and giving employees a chance to exit the building, protect other dangerous/explosive areas, and many more benefits. 

There are various types of fire doors available. Industrial fire doors usually take the form of an overhead rolling steel door. Rolling steel fire doors are designed to close automatically in the event of an alarm activation or high heat in the area. Other than this function, these doors look just like any other rolling metal door in your industrial building.

Each door comes with a fire rating that is usually based on the length of time that the door can withstand high temperatures, but criteria may vary.

As with all life-saving products like fire extinguishers or smoke alarms, fire doors need to be checked regularly to make sure they are functioning properly. These doors must be tested annually to ensure they can function properly and adequately perform as required. 

Why Are Fire Doors Important?

To put it simply: fire doors can save your employees’ lives! Installing fire doors in your industrial building is an excellent way to improve fire safety and keep your employees safe. 

These doors are a very important part of a building’s passive fire protection system because they help contain the spread of the fire within certain areas of the building and provide more time for occupants to make it out of the building safely. 

By doing so, these doors afford more time for fire-fighting methods to be employed in order to reduce or extinguish the fire as soon as possible and prevent major damage.  

A fire door can help make a big difference in how much of your building needs to be fixed once the fire is out. Another important benefit of these doors is their ability to limit smoke inhalation; an important factor that can often go unconsidered when planning for fire escapes. They can also help protect property assets in the building from being destroyed.

Invest in High-Quality Industrial Fire Resistant Doors in the GTA to Protect Your Industrial Building

Fires are unpredictable and can break out at any time. Your business can benefit from having multiple fire doors installed to protect the premises.
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