There are several different types of high-speed commercial doors, and choosing the right ones for your particular facility can make all the difference when controlling the flow of traffic in and out of your business in the GTA. Nex Industrial offers glass aluminium doors, which are an ideal solution for several businesses in the GTA. Keep reading to find out more about high-speed access doors for pedestrian use, and why it is essential to them serviced and maintained.  

Types of Entrance Doors For Pedestrian Use 

Commercial Pedestrian doors are not all the same.  There are many factors to consider, such as levels of traffic, space, size, finishes, etc.   You want them to be efficient, convenient, and provide secure access, while leaving a positive impression on the people entering the facility.

There are a few different types of front entrance doors for pedestrian access, including sliding, folding, and swinging.

Sliding Doors: Sliding doors are often used to create two-way traffic in the same entry and exit points; mainly used in retail grocery stores, and similar.  These doors can also be pushed open in the event of an emergency. Because these doors slide open, they require more side room to function.

Folding Doors: Folding doors, as the name suggests, fold in on themselves when opened; these doors don’t need as much side-room to operate as sliding doors do, making them an ideal solution when space is limited.  

Swinging Doors: Swinging doors work as a single or double door solution; usually one set for entering and another one for exiting.  These access doors are another solution that enables two-way traffic, creating a better flow in guiding pedestrians in and out of the facility.  It is essential to label which door is for which direction of traffic in order to prevent safety hazards and ensure the wellbeing of customers.

Choosing the Right Front Entrance Doors and Maintenance

Choosing the right type and style of door for your business can be tricky, which is why we recommend contacting an expert from Nex Industrial to go over your needs in order to select the correct door that will optimize the flow of traffic in and out of your commercial facility.  At Nex Industrial, we offer glass aluminum doors; they are very safe to use but will require regular maintenance to ensure safety and efficiency, and to maximize your investment.

Schedule inspections are done at a frequency to suit your environment, taking the volume of use and the number of shifts into account.  During our inspection we test all safety devices, lubricate all moving components and ensure that there are no potential issues with the doors.  To book a preventative maintenance inspection, contact our Service Team today.

Looking to book a preventative maintenance appointment for your Front Entrance commercial doors in the GTA? Give Nex Industrial a call at 1-866-400-2050 today!