Investing in a hi-speed door offers many benefits to facilities and could be what you are missing from your industrial space. NEX Industrial offers high speed doors with quick opening and closing times that enhance security, minimize heating/cooling loss, and prevent airflow damage to products. You also save time by avoiding slow door operations allowing you to focus on other important tasks in your property. It is also important to consider large access doors in industrial settings and warehouses are convenient for transporting goods, but negatively impact energy efficiency. The large openings result in significant heat or cool air loss, leading to high heating and cooling bills. High speed doors are energy-efficient and reduce open time, preserving temperatures and lowering energy bills for a comfortable work environment. If you are into saving time and money – keep reading!

Why You Need Hi-Speed Freezer Doors
Freezer doors provide energy and operational savings for food and beverage processing as well as cold storage. They have high-speeds of up to 60 inches per second and rapid door cycle and tight seals which minimize air transfer which increases cooling efficiency. The automatic and rapid opening and closing improves the efficiency of the cooling chamber and the optional insulating canvas and heated side helps with energy savings. The self-retracting canvas also helps prevent downtime and reduces maintenance. These doors are extremely safe, flexible and lack rigid components, making them suitable for high-traffic areas. They are a fast and efficient way to keep the outside weather out, and are available in various models to suit your application, including freezer and pharmaceutical. These doors can save costs, energy, time and money, making them a worthwhile investment for long duration use.

High speed doors play a critical role in cold storage facilities as they provide a durable and reliable solution for maintaining temperature control in areas where doors open and close hundreds of times a day. NEX offers specially designed solutions to meet the unique needs of cold storage applications. Whether used on a loading dock or a refrigerated truck, these doors have a positive impact on the bottom line by improving productivity and preserving the cold chain.

Why You Need High Speed Aluminum Security Doors
NEX offers high-speed aluminum security doors for industrial settings. These heavy-duty roll-up doors provide maximum security with an aluminum slat construction and the option to add insulation for energy efficiency and noise reduction. The doors are made from anodized aluminum for resistance to corrosion in any weather and can be customized with windows. With the outside security of a metal sectional door and the speed of a vinyl door, our security doors offer the best of both worlds. Tough and reliable doors are a must for your demanding workplace and customized doors for rugged environments, door impact, high pressure, wind load, and high traffic are recommended. Keep in mind, the purchase price of an industrial or commercial door is only a small portion (5-15%) of its lifetime cost. Maintenance, energy loss, and early replacement account for the majority of expenses. Indirect costs such as worker productivity and process efficiency also play a role, but are often overlooked. We design custom doors to reduce direct and indirect costs, delivering a long-term return on investment. Choose from our wide range of door models for the best solution for your operation.

Why Your Business Needs NEX Doors
If you want to enhance your business security, begin by analyzing your doors which are your entry points. Faulty doors that often malfunction or stay open pose a threat to unauthorized access and security breaches. High speed doors provide better access control and quickly shut after authorized entry, reducing open time and keeping intruders out. Industrial doors are made with durable materials for added protection against theft and ensuring the safety of goods and employees.

For industries prioritizing hygiene, easy-to-clean doors are essential. Our high speed stainless steel doors with PVC curtains are designed to withstand frequent cleaning with strong agents, ensuring compliance with hygiene standards. These doors are low-maintenance and quick to repair, minimizing downtime and allowing operations to resume quickly. High-speed doors offer multiple activation options, including remote controls on forklifts and radar/floor loops, which enhance productivity by reducing the time spent opening and closing doors. For optimal results, it is important to choose the appropriate doors for your facility, minimizing energy costs, maintenance costs, and improving the work environment.

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