Nex Industrial in Etobicoke provides overhead doors and security solutions to businesses all across the GTA.  Our high-speed doors are ideal security solutions for a wide range of industries.  Plus, they are extremely safe and easy to use with minimal maintenance. Keep reading to learn more about why our high-speed overhead doors are quintessential for your facility. 

Safe High-Speed Doors

Our high-speed roll-up doors don’t compromise on safety.  These doors can be outfitted with multiple safety features to prevent injuries; such as photo-eye sensors, safety-edges, loop-detectors and light-curtains, all automated to prevent accidents and collisions with incoming and outgoing vehicles, people, products; automatically stopping or reversing when triggered to prevent damage or injury.

Security – Protect People and Your Products

High-speed doors not only have a high performance for efficiency, but the have ability to protect your employees, customers, as well as your stored goods/products, machinery, and equipment.  High-speed doors made of aluminum panels are not only strong & secure, they also move at speeds up to 55inches per second.

These doors also help to control the environment inside your facility and protect it from things like bad weather, extreme temperatures, the wind, humidity, dust and dirt, and pests.  These elements don’t get the chance to damage your infrastructure or your goods.

High-Performance Doors That Fit Your Requirements

With the latest in technology and high-quality materials, Nex Industrial’s high-speed doors are ideal for all types of environments.  They are designed to perform quickly and safely while lowering the energy consumption and improving cost efficiency at your facility.

Looking to upgrade to efficient and safe overhead doors in Etobicoke? Give us a call at 1 866 400 2050 today to discuss your options.