As the owner of a commercial/industrial facility, warehouse or business, there are many concerns that cross your mind when the bone-chilling winter rolls around. How do you tackle those exorbitant monthly energy bills, how do you prevent the elements from infiltrating your facility and how do you avoid erratic temperature fluctuations? – these are likely some of the more pressing issues.


It’s time to batten down the hatches and opt for air barrier installation in Toronto. These industrial stylings are affixed to the inside of doorways and other key entry and exit points across your facility. They create an invisible barrier of air between two spaces – most commonly between indoor and outdoor areas – and effectively seal in over 90% of conditioned air!


How Air Barrier Systems Preserve Your Energy Consumption


Air barriers regulate air flow, moisture flow, heat flow, radiation, gas, and solar power, thus extending the long-term performance of the building as well as its structural integrity. Their primary intention is to offer resistance to air pressure differences.

When you configure the climate controls, you can get your air barrier system to interact with airflow elements in such a way that they prevent wind-washing and augment insulation.


Air Barriers Protect People and Possessions By Stabilizing Indoor Temperatures


One of the biggest impediments to the productivity of your occupants is a clammy and uncomfortable work environment. When air enters or leaves a building, it creates random hot and cold spots that can make life quite difficult, not to mention pose several health risks. Apart from your occupants being in harm’s way, your possessions (especially perishable items or machinery) are also likely to incur damage as a result of constant temperature fluctuations.


Obstruct Indoor and Outdoor Air Exchange


Air barrier systems adopt a simple two-pronged approach. They prevent warm air from escaping and cold air from entering your facility (and vice versa during the summer months). By projecting a stream of air across an opening, the barriers stop air exchange and stabilize temperatures across the board.


Compartmentalize Indoor Air


Apart from preventing the infiltration of outdoor air, air barriers also come to the rescue if you want to compartmentalize indoor air. For instance, if you want to have warm rooms (for your occupants) and cold rooms (for sensitive goods), these systems excel in creating sealed in temperature pockets across your building.


Enhance Indoor Air Quality


If you install an air barrier system in a garage, it can prevent the leakage of gas or fumes into the rest of the rooms in the enclosure, drastically reducing exposure to harmful elements.


Customize Your Air Barrier System For Better Air Control


Whether you own retail, commercial or industrial space, air barrier systems can be customized to meet your structure’s particular requirements. The fans will be evenly distributed across the enclosure to ensure systematic air flow and pressure.


Heavy-Duty Steel


Repair and maintenance of air barrier systems can be a drag on your finances. Quality air barriers are made with industrial-grade steel to lend them an extended lifespan. They can function perfectly without requiring your constant inspection.


Acoustic Insulation


Being that your industrial setting is already rife with high-intensity sounds emitted by the machinery, these fans make sure not to add to the problem. Sound dampening features are attached to the air barrier to stifle unwanted fan noise.


Optimal Performance in Demanding Environments


Additionally, if you work in an area with challenging conditions such as elevated locations, extreme temperatures or high-friction machinery, these air barrier fans are resilient enough to withstand any strain. You can get yours fully galvanized (coated with protective steel or iron covering) to be durable enough to perform in the most demanding situations.


Easy and Cost-Effective Installation


High-end systems use telescopic sliders that allow them to be easily installed and relocated. Because all parts are readily available and incredibly cost-effective, those rare times when repair is called for will be an absolute breeze for you and your wallet.


Impressive Air Flow Control. Reduced Heat Consumption. Massive SAVINGS.


All these features and more are yours when you invest in a NEX Industrial air barrier system. You can elevate your energy-efficiency and see the results reflected in your next energy bill. In the past, our customers put these systems through their paces and reported a 25% increase in their energy savings!


Your gas provider is currently offering cash rebates to offset this cost and reduce your ROI.  Nex Industrial can manage this process from start to finish for you.


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