Are you an industrial facility owner? If so, you’re well aware of the challenges of running your day-to-day operations. 

Traffic travels through your facility at warp speed, whether that’s human, automotive or goods. When industrial doors remain open for prolonged durations, the outcome is certain – a massive loss of conditioned air, especially during the sweltering summer months. For facilities that manage sensitive goods like pharmaceuticals, food or electronics, exposure to the elements and fluctuating temperatures can prove detrimental. 

In this article, we explore how high-speed commercial doors can bring huge benefits to your Etobicoke facility. Not only do these have an amazing ROI, but they are also incredibly durable to withstand even the most challenging environments. 

High-Speed Doors Are a Great Investment All Year Round

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start with the basics. 

What are industrial high-speed doors? These are mainly used in industrial applications to optimize efficiency and production flow. Designed with high-speed systems, they are specially engineered to perform in locations where the operational demands are high. These serve to separate critical areas from the rest of the premises. 

How much do industrial high-speed doors cost? It’s tricky to put a price tag to these doors as they range from simple to highly sophisticated. If you’re looking for durability, full knock-out, and self-repair, along with elevated safety and speed with little chance of breaking down, the cost is irrelevant when equated with the return on investment (ROI). 

The bottom line? These doors are set to perform regardless of what the Canadian weather has brewing. 

High-Speed Translates Into High-Efficiency

There are 4 main aspects of the doors that lower your cooling bills;

The open and close cycles of these doors limit the entry of exterior hot and cold air and prevent the escape of indoor conditioned air. Certain models are wind resistant for a set number of miles per hour. These doors can even be installed with insulation curtains to curb condensation and ice build-up during colder months. 

Take a Look At All the Costs You Can Kiss Goodbye!

What is the difference between a standard door and a high-speed door? A standard rolling or sectional steel door with a 4m high opening can complete the opening and closing cycle in roughly 15-20 seconds at most. A high-speed door in the very same opening can do the same job in about 4-5 seconds. Pretty fantastic, right? 

These speeds rack up a lot of cost-saving benefits on your behalf. For instance;

Transform Your Operations For the Better

High-Speed Doors Can Get the Job Done!

The heat is rising and so are your costs? It’s time for some action. 

The 21st-century business cannot afford to go without installing high-speed doors at key entry and exit doors in their premises. At Nex Industrial, we offer high-performance doors with ROIs that will keep you smiling all summer long!

Hey, it never hurts to get a quote – it’s absolutely free, after all. 

Protect your business by getting a great high-speed door estimate today.