Does your loading dock experience high volumes of traffic and activity? If so, your facility can benefit from installing loading dock equipment and accessories, such as loading dock seals.

With countless orders and shipments going in and out of your facility on a daily basis, the smooth operation of your business relies on the longevity and reliability of your loading dock. As a result, it is important to ensure that your loading dock equipment is up-to-date and safe to use so that your facility can continue operating efficiently. At Nex Industrial, we understand the consequences of downtimes; that’s why we supply and service loading dock equipment in facilities like yours in the GTA.

What Is a Loading Dock Seal?

A dock seal is a system that lines the edge of your loading dock door to effectively seal the gap between your building and the trucks that carry or deliver shipments to and from your facility. Ideally used when full access to the rear of the truck is not required, loading dock seals are typically made from vinyl-covered compression foam and wrapped around door openings to ensure the tightest possible seal. Not only do dock seals function to protect your employees from extreme temperatures, they also help to ensure that your shipments remain damage-free during loading and unloading.

Particularly useful in keeping the harsh winter temperatures at bay and away from your facility, loading dock seals offer these benefits:

Seals In Value

With the harsh winter conditions continuing to sweep the GTA, your facility likely has its heat turned up. As a result, your facility will incur higher operational costs, such as energy costs exceeding your expected budget. But with the help of dock accessories such as loading dock seals, your facility can seal in maximum value and savings.

Since loading dock seals are designed to provide a tight closure between your building and the truck, your facility will likely face less loss of heat in the winter when loading and unloading shipments. As a result, your facility will likely notice significantly reduced energy bills year-round as well. With these notable savings, your loading dock seals will pay for itself quickly.

Don’t let the heat escape your facility this winter. Seal in value and savings for your facility when you invest in reliable loading dock seals to help you save on energy.

Keeps Weather Out

Besides keeping your facility’s heating and cooling costs down, loading dock seals also function to keep weather-related damage away from your shipment and your employees. Without a dock seal in place, your products and employees are exposed to harsh winter temperatures in addition to any wind, rain, snow, or ice which may come in the winter. Not only do these factors compromise the working conditions for your employees, it could also damage your new shipment. From ruined packaging to a loss of goods, not having a weather seal could create unnecessary stress and additional costs for your company. That’s why loading dock seals are always recommended for industrial facilities.

Put the safety of your employees first and ensure that your goods go undamaged by investing in loading dock seals today.

Looking to purchase loading dock equipment in the GTA? At Nex, we carry a wide range of products including loading dock seals to help you meet your unique loading dock needs. For more information, feel free to give us a call at 1-866-400-2050.