After a long winter, warmer months are finally starting to show! As the weather gets hotter, the environment changes and although that sounds like a great thing, pests and summer heat become prominent issues for business facilities.

Without preparation before the transitioning months, summer conditions can be difficult to work in. For employee well-being and productivity along with protection of facility assets, considering solutions such as bug doors and cooling systems will be beneficial.

Keep reading to learn more about improvements and implementations to get your business facility ready for the summer:

Bug Barrier Doors

As the weather warms up, the bug population grows rapidly as they prefer warm and dry environments. This implies that there will be a build up of them around your facility which can prove to be inconvenient if they are around warehouse production processes.

Bug barrier doors are dedicated to forming a barrier between the warehouse and the outside environment, preventing pests, insects, and even birds from entering the building.

They are beneficial as they will assist with improvements in sanitation areas and protect warehouse assets. Beyond their basic function, it helps to keep the facility cooler with 65% shade and improves ventilation — beneficial for team productivity.

They can be installed on dock doors, dumpster areas, drive-in doors and other warehouse openings, so depending on the specific areas of your facility, you may opt for installing one at every door opening.

Not only will bug screens prevent a build-up of pests during the summer but as the colder months return, there will be less insect residual since they were initially prevented from entering the facility.

Cooling Systems

Having a cool and comfortable environment is important for both the workers and assets in the facility. Summer weather brings immense heat which can be damaging to employees as they rely on comfortability of their working environments to thrive. In addition, whether it be assets used in production or completed products being stored in the warehouse facility, they require certain temperatures or damages may incur.

Having an air conditioning system is a luxury in a warehouse environment but you will also want to ensure your insulation system is intact to keep cool air from escaping or outside temperatures from seeping in. To add on, consider investing in HVLS fans in high-activity areas to keep air circulating.

These investments will be beneficial in the long-run as they are not one time solutions. Having a good system in place can last multiple seasons and years which helps your facility continue to run with fewer issues and a better environment for your workplace will prove to be greatly beneficial.

General Maintenance

Beyond your warehouse facility, you will want to consider maintenance for your office as well. This can include cleaning the glass of the building, keeping the office free from clutter, or replacing air filters.

These are important to consider as they can impact the work environment and any clientele that may come in during the summer. Cleaning the glass and windows of the building helps to maintain cleanliness while replacing air filters assist with clean air circulation.

They also tie into preventing the build-up of pests and having an efficient cooling system, thus you should neglect the maintenance of your office space before summer arrives.

Looking to improve your warehouse facility before summer comes? Contact our team in Toronto to learn more about installations such as bug barrier doors.