With Spring just around the corner, business owners will no longer be able to rely on the ice, snow and cold weather as deterrents for trespassers and unauthorized personnel visiting their facility late at night. While equipping your facility with an alarm system year-round is an undoubtedly smart move, oftentimes it is not enough to keep thieves and trespassers out. As a result, many businesses will invest in additional security applications to ensure that their assets are adequately protected all year round.

At NEX, we proudly carry a wide variety of security solutions including state-of-the-art HySecurity gates for industrial facilities like yours in Vaughan. Whether you need help narrowing down the perfect industrial gate for your unique application or simply need help installing, maintaining and servicing your HySecurity gates/products, our team has the knowledge and experience to help.

Interested to learn more about HySecurity’s swing gate operators and how they can help secure your facility this year? Keep reading:


In the market for a low-maintenance, high-quality hydraulic swing gate operators? SwingRiser is HySecurity’s unique industrial security gate operator with single or twin post options. Designed to raise gate leafs up to 12 inches during the open gate cycle, SwingRiser clears obstacles like snow, rocks, curbs and road inclines with ease, ensuring a graceful, smooth lift and swing every time.

Have existing HySecurity products in your facility? SwingRiser is programmed to allow for seamless synchronization with all HySecurity operators for dual gate, sally port, or sequenced gate applications. Along with its quick 14 to 30 second open/close cycles, this state-of-the-art swing gate operator also features an innovative solid state Smart Touch Controller with over 70 configurable settings available.

Whether your facility is looking to program an automatic closing timer for its swing gates, or simply wants access to real-time updates on security breaches and malfunctions, SwingRiser will surely deliver. In fact, in the case of a power outage, UPS models also retain full functionality to ensure that the security and productivity of your facility goes uncompromised. Secure your facility before Spring rolls around when you invest in HySecurity’s state-of-the-art, low-maintenance, high-quality hydraulic swing gate operator.


Ideal for commercial, industrial or residential applications, HydraSwing is a premium linear actuator designed to assist in the operation of heavy industrial swing gates or swing gates that are subjected to heavy winds. Manufactured with some of the most reliable hydraulics and industrial gate components, HydraSwing is a low maintenance, long-lasting linear actuator that offers a graceful, smooth swing to gate leafs up to 40ft/15,000 lb.

Featuring an impressive 10 to 30 second open/close cycle, HydraSwing also comes equipped with HySecurity’s Smart Touch Controller to offer easy configuration and troubleshooting for gate operation–specific to your industrial site– using Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool (S.T.A.R.T.). With access to real time system security alerts and the ability to customize your unit, HydraSwing is the perfect choice for facilities looking to keep unauthorized personnel out. In addition to its cutting edge features, HydraSwing also allows for seamless synchronization with all HySecurity operators for dual gate, sally port or sequenced gate applications.

Ensure that your facility in Vaughan is adequately protected from trespassers, thieves and more this Spring when you invest in reliable security solutions from reputable manufacturers like HySecurity.

Need help choosing the perfect industrial security gate for your facility in Vaughan? Our team at NEX has the knowledge and experience to help. Feel free to give us a call at (866)400-2050 today to learn more about HySecurity products.