Need help keeping unauthorized personnel and trespassers far from your industrial or commercial property in Peel? Consider investing in industrial gates and gate operators–including HydraWedge, HydraLift, StrongArm and SlideDriver–from industry leading manufacturers like HySecurity. Beyond simply amping up the security of your facility, business owners can also gain peace of mind knowing that their business’ assets are adequately protected.

In our previous blog, we highlighted the features and benefits of 2 cutting-edge HySecurity industrial gate operators–more specifically, 2 swing gate operators. However, we understand that not all facilities have implemented swing gates; that’s why we’re highlighting 4 additional HySecurity gate operators for other gates including: barrier-arm gates, slide gates, vertical lifts, and wedge barriers.

Interested to learn more? Keep reading to discover the advantages and features of each industrial gate operator.


Designed to meet the demanding reliability requirements of corporate, industrial and government facilities, StrongArm traffic barrier arm operators are perfect for a variety of applications including parking lots, airport runways, and business parks.

StrongArm industrial barrier arm operators are available in 5 variations including:


Delivering uncompromising quality to commercial and industrial facilities, SlideDriver has been manufactured to swiftly move even the longest and heaviest gate leafs weighing up to 20,000lb. Beyond being a low-maintenance and affordable option, this premium industrial slide gate operator also offers extensive life to ensure that facilities never have to go without protection.

Using the sophisticated and easy-to-use Smart Touch Controller and Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool (S.T.A.R.T.), SlideDriver offers easy configuration for custom gate operation (specific to your facility’s needs) and real-time security alerts to keep your informed.


Looking for a quick opening gate that allows for easy clearance of multiple traffic lanes, but don’t have room for the traditional swing/slide gate that other industrial facilities use? Then consider investing in vertical lift gates which open upwards, rather that outwards.

HydraLift is a continuous duty hydraulic vertical lift gate operator designed to raise heavy gate lifts (weighing 2,000lb) up to 16ft in the air. Suitable for application in storage facilities, government properties, residential estates and more, HydraLift will work seamlessly with your facility’s existing HySecurity products. Featuring quick open/close cycles of 8 seconds, HydraLift can be fully customized to meet the needs and requirements of your facility.


Boasting the toughest domestic and international crash certifications, HydraWedge is often used to defend high security sites worldwide with proven reliability and unparalleled performance. This high-cycle shallow mount vehicle wedge barrier has won more Top Security awards than any other crash barrier in the market, making it a top choice for many facilities.

Thanks to its implemented UPS battery backup, HydraWedge is capable of continuously protecting your facility in the case of a power outage. Featuring quick 3 second open/close cycles, HydraWedge will help your facility manage traffic and maintain high security 24/7.

Need help amping up the security of your facility in Peel, but not sure which industrial gate operator is best suited for your application? Feel free to give our team a call at (866)400-2050 today to discuss your options.