Be it a shopping center, an industrial site or just an apartment complex, proper traffic control in parking areas has become a daunting task for all types of businesses. The building security is another very significant concern that demands careful consideration shouldered with protecting the property and building from unauthorized activities or illegal entry. An effective way to achieve this is to install high-quality barrier arms and gates, providing complete control over who enters or exits the facility.  Should any unwanted visitor attempt to enter your property, they will find it difficult to do so in the presence of barrier arms installed at the entry points.

Mostly featuring automated operation, these barrier arms are a common sight in the parking spaces where drivers may have to pay a certain fee before they get inside to park their vehicle. Some advanced features such as sensors and cameras can also be integrated on to the barrier gates to heighten the security quotient. In certain cases, installing barrier gates can prove a more economical way to safeguard your property from unauthorized access in comparison to their counterparts such as sliding and swinging gates.

HySecurity Barrier Arms – Leading the way!

Nex Industrial has a complete range of HySecurity barrier arms that have been meticulously designed to surpass the most rigorous security requirements of commercial, industrial and government sites across the world. Keep reading to learn about a variety of barrier arms available, along with respective benefits and features:

StrongArm Traffic Barrier Arms

Ability to stop a 15,000lb truck travelling 50 mph.  This is security!!

As the name itself suggests, this category of HySecurity barrier arm is difficult to match when it comes to quality, durability and performance. No matter the intensity of the application, this lineup is designed to survive the extreme weather elements. Made up of zinc plated steel, each arm is prime painted with a textured finish coat which is ultra-durable and exudes an appealing look. What’s more, each barrier arm has successfully passed a 1,000-hour spray test, which translates into an excellent resistance to abrasion. The availability of multiple configurations such as Strong Arm 36, 14F, 20, 28, 26, M50 etc. assures that you can always find something that befits your specific needs.

Electromechanical Barrier Systems with digital technology at the helm!

Featuring a built-in control unit along with inground loop detectors, MBAR/LBAR barrier system ensures an effortless control over the road access. Its modular design incorporates arm-lengths spanning 8 to 29 ft., and the obstacle detection functionality forces the aluminum arm to reverse upon contact. When in an idle condition, the system automatically switches to the standby mode which reduces the energy consumption. Another impressive addition is the optional UPS battery backup that keeps the system up and running in the event of power outages. The dual gate pairing design showcases its strength, and the digital motion control technology delivers a smooth movement throughout the full cycle.

WedgeSmart  DC for low maintenance and high reliability!

An innovative electromechanical parking wedge with barrier arm, WedgeSmart DC is an ideal fit for highly demanding applications such as rental car, parking, valet, revenue control and anti-theft automatic gate operator requirements. Surface mounting enables easy and quick installation, whereas the intelligent charging system keeps track of the battery condition so that you don’t have to face the blackout situations. Uninterrupted power supply means your site will stay secure and in operation continuously. You can choose the desired length that perfectly adapts to your requirements.

To summarize it all, HySecurity barrier arms give you an improved degree of flexibility in the way and pace at which you wish or need to control the traffic, through options such as multiple sizes, controlled speeds and a wealth of security features. Besides being extremely affordable, they are easy to install and maintain, and can also be leased if you don’t want to purchase.

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