You can install automatic high-speed doors in any building or industrial facility. These doors can be used in a wide range of industrial settings, including food distribution centers and manufacturing factories. They are also useful for construction yards. You need to use high-functioning commercial doors for these buildings because they are used by many people every day. This will ensure that your employees remain safe and maintain productivity.

NEX Industrial is a reputable company that provides industrial repair and service and specializes in construction and security products. Our industrial high-speed doors will provide workers with quick, safe, and easy access. If you are looking for convenience and security in your industrial facility, warehouse or storage area, these doors will be a great investment. We offer reliable service for the repair and installation of high-speed door products. We also provide direction on how to use them for safety and efficiency in your facility if needed.

Benefits Of High-Speed Doors
High-speed doors are relatively new products for warehouses, but offer many benefits to owners who want to increase security, productivity and energy efficiency. The doors are designed to open and close quickly when a vehicle or person approaches your building. In the past traditional overhead doors were used to regulate the flow of traffic into and out of an area. It was a downside that rodents, insects and dust would often sneak into the building when they were open. The overhead doors can leak heat or air conditioning into the building when it is hot or cold. This leads to higher utility bills and energy waste.

High-speed doors, on the other hand, use flexible polymer membranes that seal cracks and passageways between. High-speed doors with polymer membranes allow them to open faster than overhead doors when workers are in a hurry. It will save your employees a great deal of time as they go about their day.

High-speed doors are able to minimize air exchange when a door hasn’t been fully closed. They also reduce air loss. The air exchange that occurs can result in increased heating or cooling costs during certain peak seasons. High-speed overhead doors have a lower insulation rating than traditional overhead door, but they lose less energy. Your workers will also benefit from high-speed doors. The wait time for the doors to open or close is reduced. Traffic flow will increase and worker productivity will also be increased.

These doors are also practical and offer additional features like sensors, locks and photocells that can detect people or objects. These doors can also be equipped with insulation, wind load, and weather shield options to withstand harsh conditions. Another benefit that facility owners can take advantage of is the high durability of automatic doors. High-speed doors do not use springs like other door systems. Instead, they use direct drive motors to open and shut buildings without breaking. The detailed instructions and advanced diagnostics make it easy to troubleshoot if necessary.

Why You Should Instal High-Speed Doors
Installing a high-speed commercial door is a great way to get a system that’s cost-effective, durable and requires less maintenance. This will reduce the risk of accidents and downtime by simplifying the flow of people and items. These high-speed doors will make it easier for your workers to transport and move large trucks, pallets or forklifts. Installing automatic high-speed doors in industrial facilities or buildings is possible. These doors are useful in construction yards, where they are frequently used. Your employees will be safe and productive.

High-speed doors will benefit your workers as well. Waiting time for doors to open and close will be reduced. Traffic will flow better, while worker productivity will increase. These are practical doors that offer extra features such as sensors, locks, and photocells to detect people and objects. They can be fitted with wind load and weather shields, or insulation for harsh conditions. A high-speed door will simplify the flow of items and people, reducing the chance of accidents. High-speed doors make it easier to move pallets, large trucks or forklifts.

Your Next Steps
Start by analyzing the doors that are your business entry points. Unsafe doors, which are often malfunctioning or remain open, can allow unauthorized entry and compromise security. High-speed doors allow for better access control, and they quickly close after an authorized entry. This reduces the time that doors are open and keeps intruders away. Industrial Doors are constructed with durable materials to provide added protection against theft, ensuring the safety and security of goods and workers.

Our stainless steel high-speed doors with PVC curtain are designed to resist frequent cleaning using strong agents. This ensures compliance with hygiene standards. The doors are easy to maintain and repair. This reduces downtime, and allows operations to be resumed quickly. High-speed door options include remote controls for forklifts or radar/floor loops. This increases productivity by decreasing the time it takes to open and close doors. It is essential to select the right doors for your facility in order to maximize results. This will minimize energy costs and maintenance costs while improving the working environment.

NEX Industrial provides industrial repair, service, and specializes in construction and security products. These doors are a great way to provide convenience and security for your industrial facility, storage area, or warehouse. Call NEX Industrial at +1 866-400-2050 today to learn more about the high-speed doors we offer and how they can be installed in your building.