Nex Industrial supplies and services a wide range of loading dock equipment in the Peel Region and the GTA, including loading dock shelters.

Dock shelters are incredibly useful in improving the effectiveness of any loading dock.  If your facility receives or ships out loads multiple times a day, you’ll already be quite familiar with how inconvenient fluctuating temperatures can be while the door is open, and how difficult it can be to prevent this. There’s an easier way to prevent fluctuating temperatures than you think, and the answer is loading dock shelters.

Not only will shelters help keep the interior temperature comfortable, they also help to reduce your monthly utility bills.  Keep reading to find out more great benefits of installing dock shelters and the available options here at NEX.

Benefits of Installing Loading Dock Shelters

Dock shelters are designed to provide an effective seal between the interior and exterior environments of your loading dock. The dock shelters offered by Nex Industrial are manufactured to the highest standards to meet any requirements and can be designed to suit all types of vehicles.

Dock shelters create a tight seal around the trailer, which not only ensures that air doesn’t escape or come into the building, but it also helps to protect your products from exposure to contaminants, such as dirt, bugs, rain/snow, and winds. The dock shelters are also designed to be very durable, made to withstand daily use for long periods of time.  

Not only do dock shelters reduce your energy consumption and lower utility bills, they also make it much safer and easier to load and unload the trucks.

By maintaining comfortable temperatures inside the facility, working conditions will be greatly improved for employees and ensure that deadlines are met.

Types of Dock Shelters Offered at Nex Industrial

All of our dock shelters are generally designed to suit 10´ wide x 10´ high openings but can be customized to cater to the needs of your existing loading docks and vehicles.  

Shelters provide full access to the back of the trailer while creating a seal around the top and sides of the truck. Heavy-duty flaps are used to reduce the wear on the shelter’s high-impact areas, on the sides of the head curtain and at the bottom 24” of the side curtains for added reinforcement.  Optional hinge-gap seals are available.

Air-bag style Shelters inflate around the trailer to keep a tight, consistent seal.

L-Pad style Shelters provide a greater insulation value.

Removal side curtains will reduce the overall cost of replacement for years to come.

Looking to have a dock shelter installed to improve environmental control and the effectiveness of workflow at your facility?  Give Nex Industrial a call today at 1 866-400-2050 to discuss the right option for you!