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You may be surprised to hear that up to 25% of the heat in your warehouse is lost due to old or poorly constructed doors.  By installing energy efficient industrial doors, you not only save energy and money in the form of your monthly utility bills, but you can get instant rebates. 

Want to be environmentally and economically conscious? Read about inefficient industrial doors below!

What Makes a Door Inefficient?

A lot of varying factors can allow heat to escape from the door areas during the Winter (or cooling in the Summer).

Poorly installed doors will be inefficient from the start; a poor installation can lead to cracks and slots where heat can potentially escape.  Seasonal warping can cause doors that come out of position and allowing heat to escape freely.  Lack of insulation is a major factor to heat loss.  


Weatherstripping is a major factor for the energy efficiency of your industrial doors.  A good quality v-shaped vinyl type weather-seal is best for this purpose; ensuring they make constant contact with the door and seals effectively around all 4 sides of the door.  Weatherstripping is very affordable, and easy to maintain.

Insulated Doors

Certain doors offered by Nex, such as sectional doors come insulated, which further help to maintain the energy efficiency of the building. The insulation we offer is an foam injected polyurethane, providing a high R-Value for superior thermal performance.  This insulation helps to further block out any outside air temperatures, while maintaining the interior temperature of your building, allowing for further energy savings.  Contact one of our Account Managers to discuss your options for insulated doors.

When you think about how often your doors are used a day, i.e. how many shifts your facility has, how many trucks per day and how often the doors are being opened and closed each and every time, your doors take quite a beating after a few years.  Bi-annual preventative maintenance inspections can also help to ensure that your door is in perfect working order.  

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