At your loading dock, the sealing system is what closes the space between the loading trailer and the building. The sealing system helps maintain the climate while also protecting the freight against potential damages.


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This variety of sealing system is made with a fabric covered foam. It is mounted on to the wall around the top and sides of the loading dock door that provides a seal when the back of the truck compresses against it.  This type can protrude into the trailer opening slightly and interfere with loading and unloading.

There are various options to suit standard door sizes, volumes and weather conditions.

This loading dock sealing system offers a rigid or flexible frame.  The frame is also installed on the building wall around the door, but the trailer backs inside of the frame and and seals the outer-walls around the back of the trailer, providing open access to the entire trailer’ opening.

There are several options to suit larger door sizes, insulation factors and volume.

What Purpose Does The Sealing System Serve?

There are many benefits to having a high quality, well installed sealing system in your loading dock set-up. Here are just a few of those benefits.

A reliable sealing system will quickly pay for itself in the form of shrinking monthly heating and cooling costs.

Closing the large gaps around the doorways provides a safer workplace environment and slip/fall hazards by preventing weather conditions from entering.

Your freight will be protected against harsh weather with a quality sealing system. Vermin entry will also be reduced, if not eradicated.

A solid sealing system will help prevent unlawful entry and theft of product. Your secure, climate controlled area will be a safe space to store valuable goods.

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